My Friend Cums Inside My Wife

My Friend Cums Inside My Wife

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billy 100

2014-04-08 21:06:14yes i am ready to fuck a wife if font her husband


2014-03-28 16:35:52this looks like it could be fun to join in. would love to dump my cum in her pussy


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2014-03-03 12:42:06Iwould love to fuck her to my friend share;s his wife with me and it's a great time

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2013-10-03 23:55:50This chic is on E .. out of her mind... looks like a great time!


2013-08-01 15:20:15my wife likes to show off her sexy body to my friends. ome night when I had some guys over she walked out with nothing but high heels on and sat down and let them see everything.I was in shock but then horny.the guys got nude and she took care of them all when they left she asked me to eat her out i ate all those loads of come it was my first taste of come I liked it so did she.


2013-07-25 03:25:15After hard fucking my husband love seeing the guy's cum load flow out my cunt he loves hearing me beg for more and more cock like a whore.Its great I can fuck who I want when I want.My husband supports me I'm happy.


2013-07-07 01:46:28There is just something so hot about taking another mans cum as my husband watches some guy fill my pussy up.


2013-07-04 23:04:43I love the way my husbands eyes are glued to me when my lover will come in me, I make him beg me to let him fuck my cum filled pussy when he is done!


2013-05-25 08:43:27I have asked my wife several times to fuck another man and let him cum in her tight pussy. For some reason she wont do it even though while we are fucking she gets extra wet and cums really hard when I talk about it.


2013-06-10 22:56:14Just get her in the right situation with a guy she fancies - don't push it, don't use sex sites. It took a time before my wife was fucked by another guy, but, eventually she did and the patience was worth it. It's obviously something that turns her on, but let her take the lead - encourage her, but, don't rush her


2014-02-13 16:27:42I have almost convised my wife to fuck another guy in front of me! She is into the idea but doesn't wont to admit it and says it's not what she won't but will do it for you!!!!


2013-05-13 04:07:24Mmm fuck, lucky wife! Licked twice in one day ;)


2013-05-10 01:32:52i would love to do this with my wife, i know shes cheating on me with a coworker of hers that happens to be our neighbor but i dont care i think its hot i play dumb i come home from work and eat her pussy knowing he was fucking her just hours earlier im pretty sure he pulls out or she showers before i get home its so hot


2013-04-27 18:25:06would love to be there and fuck that cum filled pussy after him. she looks like a lot of fun.

John M

2013-02-26 20:45:59Hey, you are very happy because you have such a nice woman. Extremely nice. If he cumed in your wife you must be honored. I like her titis, and I can give you my wife for fuck if you want. My wife lookes very good.

J De.

2013-02-23 21:12:47I will make my wife tits like her`s. A perfet body .Super woman.


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