My boyfriends dad licked and fucked me

My boyfriends dad licked and fucked me

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    2014-01-17 05:51:55Love it


    2014-01-02 08:38:54i like her


    2013-12-23 01:01:21I fucked my bfs dad and it was really good but my bf walked in on us so I fucked both of them.


    2013-12-04 15:19:40love sitting over his mouth and he must fuck my puss hole with his tongue


    2013-08-16 14:07:57Does anybody no her name?


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    Trolololo Tits.

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    2012-12-01 03:54:12kurt douglas?


    2012-11-17 19:12:34Sexy girls


    2012-10-30 20:44:45i always had thing for older guys, my first bj was with my bff dad .. but i was way young to enjoy it and he used to let me blow him everytime we had the chance, although my boobs were as the size of two lemons xD but i like when i wake his cock with my mouth till i get sudden rush of oral creampie :))


    2012-10-19 06:42:14she didn't ring the doorbell though, she knocked the door.

    son of a bitch

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    Hard n Horny

    2012-08-05 11:17:30I need to fuck some horny slut right now!


    2012-07-19 12:03:02Does anyone know who his son is. Maybe if I date the son I can fuck the dad. Or any dad is good for me if they have a big cock

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    Naughty Girl

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    2012-03-23 17:05:36i accidentally touched my bf's dad's huge dick.nd kissed him too....n den he said dat he will tell it to my bf.....i pleaded him not to tell him... nd then he told me that he wouldnt if i game him a handjob and let him grab my big i let him...his touch was so good that i couldnt stop....then i asked him to fuck me in my so wet pussy....he fucked me so hard...then it went harder and harder....that was the beat ite in my life 1 who could do it better thn him is a real man


    2012-03-20 13:06:52I always had a thing for my frnd's Dad so I made my move.. spent the nite in their home and took a shower with the door open and he came in to tell me lock the door but i showed him my wet pussy and could say no... best fuck I ever!!


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