Mommy wants to fuck you

Mommy wants to fuck you

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2014-03-29 03:21:59Good guess but this in not Carmel Moore......


2014-03-19 17:56:14Fuck me


2014-02-23 21:06:51Ok


2013-11-29 06:44:40Would be nice if she'd let her son get her pregnant.


2013-05-18 14:42:25I was dating this single mom who had a 7 year old daughter. The daughter and I got along well, and I played all her little board games, letting her win. One day we were playing and the daughter says to me "mommy wants to fuck you"... and I said WHAT? She repreated it and I said... first you shouldn't say "fuck" cause that's not a nice word for little girls to say... and she giggled and said.. my mommy says that all the time. At any rate, we continued to play the board game and then her mom came in and said it was time for her daughter's bed time. After I got my hug, the girl went to bed and I had to mention to the mother what her daughter had said... the mom went red, said where did she get that from, and I said.. she's repeating what she's heard from you. Turns out daughter was right on targat and I got to fuck her mommy that evening. Turns out we are still fucking several times a week and the daughter is happy cause mom is happy... and I'm happy because mom is a damn good fuck


2012-12-20 08:14:17Carmel+Moore


2014-03-29 03:22:37Not Carmel Moore....


2012-10-06 05:28:32nom nom nom


January 21, 2013me and my older sister seduced our moms lover and he fucked both of us most of the time they were together. mom was wearing see thru top and thin panties when me and Ronnie went over there she didnt offer to go change seen Ronnie checking her out mom is a hot 44 year old with a nice butt sara was in her room uncovered with no panties on pussy exposed I already know sara will want to fuck him because she nows I fucked ken when they first met so I made up my mind Im going to leave Ronnie thre for the night and go party and find me a huge black cock that I already know wants to fuck me he works with Ronnie he gave me his number the other night when he had his hand up my dress and inside my panties. if hes with them he wont want me to come back early because mom and sis will keep him busy


January 06, 2012Hey mommy if you see this comment reply


January 05, 2012i wish i was your baby and you would teach me about your beautiful body. your soo fucking hot please do this to me


December 29, 2011wish my mommy looked like this


December 25, 2011Nice mommy)

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