MOM Brunette MILF gets fucked before date night starts

MOM Brunette MILF gets fucked before date night starts

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2014-04-07 04:37:06I want sex


2014-01-08 21:21:09When I was in college, I went home with one of my friends. His mom was single and was going out on a date later that night. My friend left me to go visit his gf for a bit. His mom was fussing about what to wear, etc, and was downgrading herself. I told her she was still a very sexy woman and any guy would be lucky to be with her. She looked at me and said, how about you... would you fuck an older woman like me... and I told her, I didn't know about any older women, but I'd certainly fuck her given the chance. She called and cancelled her date, and she and I fucked until her son got home. We were foruntate we weren't caught. The next day my friend asked if there was anything I wanted to do, and I told him just to rest and take it easy, and for him to go and enjoy his gf and not to worry about me. He took off and his mom and I picked up from the night before. I still get with her about once a month and that's been over a period of 5 years.


2013-11-30 21:55:20I agree totally


2013-11-25 12:43:07now that's how a man should lick cunt and a woman should suck cock


2013-11-20 21:21:43Who is she??


2013-11-14 09:41:28love to lick her cunt out

the spunk liccker

2013-10-31 09:33:13i would like to put my tongue and like his spunk off her pussy and her bush!! mmmmmmmmmm


2013-10-11 17:26:53Orgasm equales faked


2013-10-11 17:11:31I love the way he just kept his attention on her!


2013-10-11 09:43:08I wanna fuck like that!


2013-10-10 16:31:59i wanna fuck like that...


2013-10-03 15:20:37she is just awesomee


2013-10-03 13:08:52the best video i've ever seen.....awesome..!!!1


2013-09-30 19:30:23What I wouldn't give to put my cock in that hairy little snatch. She is fine, fine, fine.

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