Mom and the Cock Doctor

Mom and the Cock Doctor

Length:  25:19


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2014-04-06 18:14:37I wish you can check out my cock. Dam i what to go see you and can play with my cock anytime you what


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2014-03-03 21:53:14Outrageous! This doctor is so unprofessional especially at 2:45.


2014-02-15 09:28:08I think my pants just burst out of cum !!

love to cum.

2014-02-04 23:05:02I had posted...that he could of cum morea..I had watched this with my sister..that is what she said to me...


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2014-01-12 06:12:09Potato

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2013-12-31 14:51:44Awesome viedo ...but this guy needs to shoot way more cum...I sure did, lol

H. Stern

2013-12-19 16:42:4525 minutes is a bit long for this shit. I like a good tug video but 25 minutes is too long for me. I don't have time to tug my meat for 25 minutes.


2013-12-06 17:34:20wish you can come over and check my cock. I would love to due you both and fill you up with my warm cum


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2013-11-23 22:29:11LOL, its a COCK-DOC xD


2013-11-19 22:29:39Any idea what her name is?


2014-01-27 17:22:17Simone Sonay

Ronnie bonnie

2013-10-30 17:22:43Excellent video , mom was great , I would like to have gotten a little more involved .


2013-10-12 15:05:39"full erection mode"


2013-09-01 18:50:45I wish that doctor would come over and check my cock out. I also would love to have his mom come over and due me too. That doctor is hot and would love put you in my bed and put my cock up in her pussy.


2013-07-31 02:00:56this is a very well done video.i was totally involved for the whole story.the people were so real i almost forgot they're actors. i thought that zoey was an excellent doctor but the lust in her eyes was as real as the mother.everyone was great.we need more movies like this.i'll probably watch this again.


2013-07-30 12:03:00One of my favs. Hard for me to finish the vid without cumin. So sexy and yummy.


2013-07-27 00:27:53That was amazing. Nuff said.

wtf is wrong with u

2013-07-26 15:06:46You have to be fucked up as hell to get off on this... this is as weird as it gets


2013-07-25 20:03:38I love the fantasy element with the taboo overtones. The doctor was very good looking and her fingers could have got more 'involved' in the action. Good acting by all concerned.


2013-07-25 06:49:11 D N Recuerdo que de chamaco vi a mi mama en puras pantaletitas, ella entro donde yo dormia buscaba algo, yo me hice el dormido, pero en cuanto me quede solo me empece a jalar la verga pensando en mi mama, ella usaba y sigue usando los pantalones bien pegados y de tela delgada, se le marcaba la panocha muy bien no dejaba nada a la imaginacion

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