Mom and Dad Fuck Daughters Teen Friend

Mom and Dad Fuck Daughters Teen Friend

Length:  10:00


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2014-04-01 02:57:11Name?


2014-03-30 19:59:54how come my wife and I can never find a sexy thing like that I;m so horny now I have to go whack off


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2014-03-17 13:51:06i wants you baby

Hi biotch

2013-05-28 20:54:44So fucking hot. Made me wanna cum so bad.


2013-04-27 11:59:39what s that grey girl name..


2013-03-24 21:55:29Is+this+a+horror+film?


2013-03-11 15:43:06wow that was fucking amazing to watch. i would love to have that happen to me cuz i am just hat horny


2013-03-10 09:41:36That waz amazing


2013-02-27 17:39:43havnt+seen+the+vid+yet+hahaha


2012-12-15 22:56:32i got off work early one day came home heard noise from parents bedroom the door was open when i walked up to the doorway i saw my parents and my best friend having a 3some i stood there for a min or so before i left the house they never knew i walked in on them i never said anything about it

Want my money back... Oh wait

2012-12-12 18:48:17We been had - 7:29 you can clearly see "skinny chic's" adams apple! No wonder dude did his old lady instead of her!

Fuck off

2012-12-02 00:00:24The cocks not even plus I want my vaina sucked like that


2012-12-01 19:00:12Scene at 7:50 made me cum SO GOOD!!! awesome video


2012-11-16 21:11:02I don;t know why she's making so much noise. His cock is barely even going in!


2013-08-28 05:27:40she must have had a tight pussy

Jim S.

2012-11-08 23:26:58I don`t know,,,He coulda` fucked the young one, because the ole` lady is always available. Strange is always good!!


2012-11-05 23:06:39damn you need skill


2012-11-05 14:27:35The woman in the red looks like Seth McFarlane.

fuck me

2012-11-04 17:47:24wow...i wish i gt fucked the same way...two pleasing me


2013-06-24 04:29:08i fucked this chick it was nice


2012-11-04 07:51:07super vid


2012-11-04 02:36:01Scene at 7:50 - the best!!


2012-11-04 01:02:37While visiting my friend and after she left for work her Dad and gf asked me to join them for supper.After drinking a lot of wine during supper the three of us sat down in their living room.The gf started rubbing my legs as my friends Dad felt my now erect nipples,then they undressed me as well as themselves and she starting licking my pussy while he fucked her from behind.His dick looked enormous so I reached out to remove it from her pussy to suck on and it was big as I hoped for him to fuck me with it she told him to put it back in her pussy as she put her nipples in my mouth.As his strokes got slower and we could tell he was about to cum she said "let her have the cum" as I sucked her juices off hjim again he pulled back and unloaded his nuts on my face.I'm really hoping they have me back for supper so I can try out that nice big cock sometime.


2012-11-03 16:48:05Geiles Ficken- die schwarzhaarige hat einen huebschen Knackarsch und Dad haemmert die Kleine durch

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