mom and boy

mom and boy

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2013-06-18 05:15:00So this guy is now fucking the pussy through which he once passed? Now THAT is hot! Or not. My Russian is a little rusty.


2013-05-30 19:22:03 Beautiful woman!

Post As...

2013-05-16 12:09:45tres bon


May 02, 2013Wow,this one reminds me of when I gave my gf's mom a neck and back massage. Mom looked like an older sister anyway, and even though she was still married, her hubby hadn't touched her in 3 years. I had just come home for the weekend from college and drove over to my gf's house, but she was still at work and had just called to have her mom tell me she was working late due to someone else calling in sick. The mom gave me a big hug, held on a little longer than usual, and I was teasing her about she must really be glad to see me. While we were hugging, I was rubbing her back up and down, carressing her lower back and then moving my hands up to her shoulders... she indicated that really felt good on her sore muscles and I agreed to give her a back rub. She laid down on the couch and I was trying to rub her back from the side, but it just wasn't very effective, so she told me to straddle her to really get to the muscles. She felt my hard and pushed up against it, the rubbing led to some kissing, and we were soon fucking. She orgasmed within 5 minutes, saying it had been a long time for her. I started to apologize for taking advantage of the situation when she told me she had been fantasizing about me for the past several months. Well, that prompted another fucking session. We fucked until about 30 minutes before my gf got home, cleaned up, and I was sitting on the couch while her mom was in the kitchen when my gf walked in the door. She seemed to know within 60 seconds that sex had been going on. Both mom and me fessed up that we had indeed fucked, my gf got pissed, but we talked through it.... finally my gf calmed down, said she was mad at both of us, but knew her mom had a thing for me for quite a while. She forgave both of us at that time, but it did continue to be a sore spot for her for the next few months, and although her mom and I hadn't fucked each other during that time, my gf finally told me she couldn't handle it and broke up with me. The very next day, her mom calls and wants to meet me somewhere. She came down to my campus over the next couple of years and I met her at local motels when I came into town. We continued to fuck for the next 4 years and she was very very good.

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