Milf gets blinded by cum

Milf gets blinded by cum

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    2013-09-23 14:52:00smoking hot!


    2013-03-03 01:39:59Fuck+I+love+to+cum+on+girls+face

    Morgan Fan

    2013-02-23 13:37:41Here is the 20 minute version of this video (copy and paste into your browser after watch/243305/blonde-with-big-tits/?from=search_full&pos=18


    2013-02-13 13:52:02BEST WOMAN! PLEACE WHAT HE NAME????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Bill 69

    2012-11-16 14:00:49There's nothing hotter than shooting loads of sticky spunk all over the face and hair of a beautiful blonde. This is the hottest looking girl on youporn. I love how she sucks him dry after he shoots his load. There's plenty of time in the video to admire the cum all over her.


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    Morgan Fan

    2012-07-15 11:51:56FINALLY, here she is in all her glory!! Blonde with Big Tits powered by YouPorn.Blonde with Big Tits powered by YouPorn.


    2012-06-20 11:58:39this is an lady leasy, treat her guy like a king.


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    Bill 69

    2012-02-21 13:28:21I keep cumming back to this video to get a hot quick jackoff. She is the hottest most beautiful girl on youporn. From 3:35 where the guy creams her face and she continues to lick his cock and tease it with her tongue. And you have time to enjoy looking at the cum on her face, and how she gets it on her finger to lick it all up.

    Brad T.

    February 04, 2012 She is so damn pretty. I would have loved to give her a pearl MASK !!!!


    November 26, 2011i popped about a minute in-wow

    Forever ALone

    October 22, 2011Down on you knees bitch :D


    August 10, 2011My boyfriend loves to do this to me. He loves seeing his cum all over my face and in my hair and he will not let me clean it off. Not that I've seen her I know why. She looks incredible!


    July 28, 2011Excellent cum shot. Wish I could still do that.


    April 03, 2011sweat lady god talent


    April 03, 2011she is god with that she do and she now it


    April 01, 2011wow lovley 2-4-11


    April 01, 2011what a shame. you have a beautiful woman sucking and stroking you. why do you need to jack yourself off to cum? my biggest complaint with porn videos today.


    March 05, 2011Stop looking at the bloody camera!!!!


    January 31, 2011I want suck dick....

    Au Cindy

    January 18, 2011I sucked off a friends ex and she warned me about his load.His big ol dick just kept pumping jutts of hot semen in my face.It was great!


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    December 13, 2010She looks like my former girlfriend whose face I used to coat with my cum. After I shot my load on her face and tits, we played with it afterwards, and then I fed all my cum to her. Then I ate her pussy to thank her for emptying my balls.

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