Midget gal sucks on big black sausage

Midget gal sucks on big black sausage

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    2013-05-06 15:02:44I've seen this film and it's pretty old. However, I never really thought about fucking a midget women until last month when I was visiting some friends over close to Chicago. They had a place outside of town and had invited several friends over... one was a young midget woman, probably 24, and she was nice to chat with.. and not too bad looking either. Others had drifted off to other parts of the house and she and I were the only ones in that room. We had a couple glasses of wine and were feeling pretty good, and she said "I notice you have a quite a bulge in your jeans"... and I said, yeah, sorry about that... and she said, well I want to see it out... and she stripped down to nude... I was very surprised how nicely she was put together, and also surprised how good she could suck cock. Before long, we were doing 69 with her on top... and we wound up fucking Very nice piece of ass...


    2012-07-18 02:36:21Holy moly donute shop


    2012-02-21 13:51:30Funny how I was thinking the same thing about him looking like Erkle!


    2012-02-13 23:27:10its like magic trick meaning something SO BIG!! go in something so small I was impressed!!


    February 07, 2012The guy's Erkle & he likes sucking on some dick occasionally..


    January 10, 2012His cock is long but when hes cumming its only dripping. White Power


    December 24, 2011She's hot. I never thought anything of midgets before, but I would even date her.


    October 11, 2011i love brigdet the midget. more please

    mike p

    July 16, 2011im not even gay but i would like to suck on his huge cock

    small cock

    June 22, 2011i only go out with chicks with small hands, they make my dick bigger!

    Blacking Up Asians

    May 30, 2011Hmm, I'd change that screen name to Bridget the smoking hot Midget xD. Honestly she's got sexiness oozing out of her small erotic body.


    May 05, 2011bridget the midget u do a good job girl

    red dog

    April 13, 2011dam he is lucky he didn't give her brain damage...lol


    March 09, 2011well i my self have had sex with a midget and damn did i love it every min of it... god bless lil tiny hot midgets who love big hard cock

    The Leo Sensation

    March 08, 2011for a midget she can sure suck dick holy crap 0_0


    March 02, 2011isn't that the girl from the bunny ranch? she looks familiar.

    biguy 20

    February 16, 2011i wanna fuck a bunch of midgets now! and tht is a nice dick


    February 12, 2011Man this guys dick is so long...he fucks this bitty long distance...11:11.

    Belgiumblondes hubby

    January 17, 2011@ Bridget: Do you like a foursome with us? You, the black bull, my wifey and me... I like to see my wifey fucking black cock's (for sure as big as this one, if you can take him in your litle sexy pussy...) and I love to fuck your little sexy naughty body!!


    December 24, 2010his dick is 3X taller than her but fuck it its the beauty of porn


    December 24, 2010 he cant lift shit

    t da man

    December 03, 2010somebody's going to hell for this!


    November 27, 2010EEEwwwww spider


    November 03, 2010Poor Bridget.... Hahahaaaa...so funny I couldnt stop laughing....hahaaaaaa...Are you hurting...????


    October 28, 2010Bridget the Midget, she is fantastic, hope she gets a place in the Hall of Fame soon...........

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