Man Eats Cum

Man Eats Cum

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2014-03-24 15:40:49ahhhh, I love eating cum

first cuck

2013-09-23 16:55:43I never knew how god pussy was until my wife turned me into a cuckold and brought home these wonderful black guys oh they were so MASTERFUL over us they were so superior and they had so much to offer they were all so yummy my wife would swing her leg over my head and tell me to lick her cunt then the men would fuck her right over my face their balls would rock over my eyes while their drippings would fall on my face it was heavenly when they finished she would set up on my face for me to clean her up for the next guy oh the guys were so wonderful to us we both enjoyed their company so much,


2013-09-16 06:54:36nothing better than 69 with a woman while she gets fuck ummmmm yummy

Jo abuncitiy

2013-09-05 21:29:563:09 lol

pussy licker

2013-08-25 18:06:54dam good eating pussy great men


2013-06-15 02:50:48I love eatin cum filled pussy, lickin kissin and suckin big balls and big beautiful cock, and havin big load pumped in my ass.


2013-05-18 23:21:17While all this is fine,I would rather have a very pretty Shemale fuck her and then eat it out of her pussy.Kind of split the difference..I much prefer my girls to look like girls,dont care if they have a cock,I'm fine with that.If she found a really cute or what I thought was a really cute guy,I would do anything she wanted me to if it got her off...................


2013-05-16 13:23:54Love eating a creamy cunt like hers! She is one of the hottest creampie babes around. Line up the guys to fuck her, cum in her and when she's full just let me go down on it! I'll eat her out and suck the cocks clean. I'll even fluff them for her if she and the guys like that!

mr cum eater

2013-03-16 00:26:42I would love to be her full time clean up man can't get enufe crean pies, would clean the mens cocks as well


2013-02-17 01:25:15yummy, what a treat that would be.


2012-12-29 19:15:53I'd love to eat her cunt full of cock and cum anytime she wants! Lucky guy that gets to suck cum from her pussy! I'd eat it all from her and off the cocks that shot it! No cum left if you let me go down on you!


2013-05-18 23:09:36As long as I havent cum yet,I can keep up with that.....Eating the cum out of her is so fucking naughty............I want her to ask for this .......

Festus Hagen

2012-12-18 01:19:33Damn...that is truly nasty.


2012-10-27 16:10:28would have love to eat that load..


2013-05-18 23:07:39Oh,YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


2012-10-17 21:18:38Could have done without seeing that sweaty hairy guy's ass at 1:35.....


2012-08-20 22:15:47ummm that second load in Kathy was sooo nice. Man I thought it was going to drip out of her puss before he got to eat that cum...I think I can do that. Ive ate many a load of mine out of my wifes pussy!

Cum licker

2012-06-10 15:25:40Whats the name of this video please?? This is my dream for a long time in which I am watching another people fucking and everytime someone comes into woman I'll have to lick it clean


2012-06-03 02:31:58there's nothing better than eat my wifes creampies when she done getting gangbanged except getting fucked in the ass at the same time.


2013-05-18 23:07:02Havent had the co-operation of the wife in this one but I have fantasized about it for YEARS1


2012-05-21 11:48:49the guy fucking her from 2.50 - 3.20 looks possessed...and a bit like Mr Bean!! haha. Would love to have a load (or 2...or more) of cum licked out of my pussy. Something I've never had done yet but it looks great.


2013-05-18 23:05:39It is great!I think I am in agreement with just about everybody....We like it if it turns you on!

Post As...lickin clit

2014-02-21 01:49:45Enter Reply I would love to stick my tongue in your ass, and lick your click while you have a big hard cock and big balls ramming your pussy, then lick a huge load of hot cum out of your cunt.


2012-05-10 12:25:594:07 is what i want. then i want him to suck my pussy until i cum all over his tongue


2012-04-15 22:26:56So fucking sexy. Who is this girl?

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