Man and Woman Share a Double Dildo

Man and Woman Share a Double Dildo

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    2014-01-23 03:13:39I squirted so much


    2013-12-01 16:34:57One girl fucking me, the other girl sucking me?!? I would have died on gone to Heaven.


    2013-07-06 13:57:37Would love to meet a gal in the Seattle area that likes to pound a guys ass then ride home like a prized stallion.


    2013-04-20 20:05:20I'm from Albania and most of the Albanian women like a lot to "take care" their men like that. It is awesome your wife to screw you.


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    2013-01-08 05:45:31I want these gals to work me over, or if there is another oman or two out there that want to take my virgin ass, just let me know. My ass is aching for it baaaaad.


    2012-11-29 23:30:27I'd love to go to the gym with these two!


    2012-10-06 23:48:47Only thing could have made this video better is if the brunette had the guy suck that big dong of hers while the red head was banging his ass. they can do me that way, would love it.


    2012-10-06 21:44:38I'm cummmmmming. I have fantasized about the double dong deal forever as well as the sta on fucking. Have wondered why no one does this in porn. This was great watching, would love to have both those gal working on me and can think of all kinds of ways for them to lease me and I them. I would give anything to do it with just one woman, much less two. Another plus this guy looked like a completely normal guy, doesn't look gay, goffy or anythin. Just a guy that enjoys getting his ass pegged. Anybody won't to o my ass NOWWWWWW.


    2012-08-13 22:22:27awesome


    2012-08-13 14:29:29This makes me hard as a rock. My redhead loves to do this whole scene with me. What a sexy babe she is, too.


    2012-05-14 11:36:47this is so hot ive never shared a double header with a woman it looks so luscious i ride one myself and my girlfriend loves to fuck me with her bg strapons as well as me i love her big cock pumping my ass im going to get her to lets share my big double header together. i feel like a hot little bitch geting my hungry ass filled its so sexy.


    2012-05-05 11:35:42what a lucky guy! But at the end, one girl should have rode on him..

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    2012-04-15 18:36:57My wife puts on a butterfly vibrator and then her strapon and when she reache orgasm she fucks me so hard I'm laying in a puddle of cum. She also likes to watch so sometime she lets one of her lady friends fuck me too.


    December 27, 2011we have a big blue double it feels so good up my ass


    October 24, 2011why are there not more videos of this?!!! this is the only one I can find!


    October 19, 2011I just uploaded a video of my girlfriend and I fucking eachothers asses with a double headed dildo. It IS as amazing as this video makes it look!


    October 06, 2011So hot! I'm a lucky guy b/c my fiance said she'll do this with me on our honeymoon! I can't wait to do the double headed dildo with her and then get fucked by a strap on... ;)


    October 04, 2011@Sissy Anch'io vorrei farlo con il mio ragazzo!!Al mio lui piace quando gioco con il suo culetto con le dita, ma l'idea di dividerci un dildo doppio mi fa IMPAZZIRE!!!


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