Making Her Squirt Multiple Times

Making Her Squirt Multiple Times

Length:  9:37


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Straight but wet

2014-04-03 13:11:35They have the porno ditzy voice goin on. But I can admit as a female that is straight ish lol I would love to be with the tanned brunette . Or at least have that ass haha.


2014-02-02 01:17:07A real orgasm! Mmm yeah, that was good


2014-01-03 16:08:33I love the great protuding clit


2013-12-22 04:19:40i squirt and it isnt pee, its not white either but its just see through and sometimes its a bit white-ish... sometimes when im extremely aroused i have white creamy substance on my fingers but not whilst cumming,


2013-08-09 10:13:42squirt is not necessary white !!! I am a woman and i squirt regularely with my husband et it's never withte et it is not pee !


2013-07-26 21:41:59hey girls wanna see my 22 inch dick cum 4u i will make u squirt over 55 times add me on skpe my id is squirtguru

Squirt fan

2013-07-26 18:52:47I cum when she cums.


2013-05-21 11:41:39I lOve This


2013-04-28 11:27:51Hot


2013-01-17 20:52:48wow bellissimo il sesso


2012-12-10 14:11:58amen to C'mon xx

Un uomo

2012-11-13 17:28:38Stupenda perversione quella di pisciare di fronte alla persona con cui si sta facendo l'amore! Le due ragazze sono sublimi.

This video makes me feel madly hot and wet!!!

2012-10-24 15:03:48This video makes me feel madly hot, crazilly wet!!!


2012-10-22 03:15:13Best Video yet!!!!!


2012-10-11 21:35:05You guys have obviously never made a woman squirt. Yes, women can ejaculate. But nobody streams out watery liquid shit like that unless you have an STI. "Squirt" is white, thick, creamy, mucousy. If you look closely, she's not even "cumming" from her vagina. Yes, you can piss when you're sexually stimulated, where do you think the bladder is located?! when a girl is having an orgasm, pressure is being applied to the bladder as well, since its near our G-spot. Take a biology class. Yes, you can piss and ejaculate at the same time. It's only MEN that can't piss while they jizz. Now please, fuck a girl in real life and learn what a real squirt is.


2012-08-27 05:27:37i love watching this i wish i could join really bad and fuck these bitcts so hard my dick would fall off


2012-07-31 15:32:34Simply Marvelous, the girls I would hang out with,


2012-07-30 08:18:48Diosa de diosas que buena conchita tiene una lamidira si se me antoja


2012-07-10 19:00:24That's not piss retards!


2012-07-09 23:13:29ummmmmm

The best

2012-06-26 10:05:26The best


2012-06-20 04:39:32sexy cunt!


2012-05-28 03:24:33squirt = piss + female ejaculate means, that it can be yellow


2012-05-26 22:19:54La ragazza che piscia,lecca,benissimo,la vulva dell'altra ragazza!


2012-05-21 22:44:18@James... dude, you sure don't know much about women, I guess. You neither, Xoxo. Or pee, because that's what it was. Squirting is pretty rare. My wife says she has never seen a woman who claims to squirt put out anything but pee. I've never seen a squirt in person myself, but unless I actually saw somebody do it and could examine it to make sure it wasn't pee, I wouldn't believe it. Overall, that wasn't even a good lesbian scene. I can eat pussy better than that. I'm good at it because I love doing it and because I watch a lot of lesbian videos for technique tips lol. Those girls are not good pussy eaters. They're what I call "professionally bi." That is, they do it with other women on camera, but probably seldom or never have sex with other women just for fun. Anyone who knows what really bi women are like can tell the difference.

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