Mai Hanano fucks guy while husband watches

Mai Hanano fucks guy while husband watches

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2014-01-14 21:55:19While I was in Japan teaching some classes to our plants over there, one of the women in one of my classes approached me at the end of the day, and stated that she would be honored if I had dinner with her. I was alone, so I said sure. After the dinner was over, she invited me to her house telling me she was single. I found out later that she was married, and her husband watched us from another room due to a hidden camera. She wanted to experience the "big dicks of the US" and apprently he was turned on that she had a great fuck. I have to admit, it was a bit unnerving at first, but then some of her female friends also wanted a chance at the American guy... it was a great trip.


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2013-06-06 05:36:34i will not be the husband -.- coz i would not give her pussy to another dick


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