Luscious Large Labia Flapping and Cumming

Luscious Large Labia Flapping and Cumming

Length:  4:20


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2013-01-07 08:31:30dayum,+theese+bitches+lips+are+small++compared+to+mine!


2012-12-08 19:20:12can+iI+have+some+of+those+pussy+lips+and+yes+im+a+lesbian+they+rule!!


2012-11-15 07:33:38I want to eat those pussy lips after there washd nice n clean...


2013-05-27 08:00:34I prefer to eat them sweaty and stinking

big pussy

2012-10-07 21:04:50My clit is very big and my pussy is bigger


2012-09-08 14:54:42Your long lips make me so horny i could come in my pants. Id love to eat you out as my first women experience. Your come on my tongue would be orgasmic


2012-08-14 05:39:23pussylover id luv to suck ur big pussy lips


2012-07-26 08:07:47Let me fuck u insted

wana see

2012-06-08 08:47:06hey wondering show us a vide of urs!!


2012-05-13 13:49:15thanks guys for the comments,tha was a confidence boost,i think the next time i will not be so shy about that.if he appreciates is ok if no is ok too :P

hell yeah we like that

2012-03-25 21:17:35@wondering....youre the fucking best!!!!


2012-02-09 00:10:09Dear "wondering", I agree with "robster" You are lucky to have meaty labia. They are beautiful. My g-friend is self-concious about hers but I tell her how amazing & attractive they are!!!! They are a blessing!


February 06, 2012My passion !!! Hairy pussy and big lips


February 06, 2012Big pussy lips are the best. My wife's look great when they're swollen and wet. My theory is the bigger the lips, the wetter the pussy.


January 17, 2012at wondering i love big pussy lips! they turn me on soo much! and great fun too play with! xx


January 07, 2012i have big pussy lips and i am really embaraced to show boys like them?i am confused,most boys they dont like them


December 16, 2011fuck how i love meaty pussy lips. give me more!


October 27, 2011im so fucking horny! i could watch this all day


October 12, 2011hey will that really doesnt make sense. i love banging my girl in the ass once in a while when she lets me. i love how tight it is and when either me or her fingers her pussy during it. gives her twice the pleasure and gets me off even quicker when her asshole is squeezing down on my rock hard cock. for those who havent tried i suggest giving it a whirl. u only live once

vagina lover

August 17, 2011love how her anus pulses at 3.36 after she cums. licking it as her juices drip onto my tongue! i can't hold back, and shoot my wad all over her floor!


August 11, 2011I do love a big flapped pussy, I havent had one for years though, sadly..


June 26, 2011the blonde is so hot,im fingering myself ohhh her lips are amazing i could lick them alll dayy


June 05, 2011big labias are so good


May 26, 2011For those who haven't slid your meat between larger haven't lived! BTW, to all you anal sex lovers...all you're really doing is pretending to fuck your gay butt buddy. That's what PUSSYIES are for, morons!!!

vagina lover

November 12, 2010love the big labia. i worship at her temple

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