Long orgasm & long cumshot

Long orgasm & long cumshot

Length:  2:13


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    2014-01-20 00:55:42I dont even watch the video I put the phone on my pillow and masterbate to his moaning I love it I time out orgasms perfectly


    2014-01-09 14:25:34This is simply perfect. *_*


    2013-12-09 13:19:55I masturbate for a girl who lives down the hall she goes nuts seeing me come its a great feeling Cummings for someone I try to save it up for her but she is coming by every day us to be once a week I have watched her Cummings too


    2013-10-18 14:18:45damn but this is hot. im straigt, but i jizzed to this shit.

    n. onamus

    2013-04-13 23:15:57FUCK.... that first shot...


    2013-04-12 01:09:34This guy needs his own channel... Does anyone know if he does?


    2013-03-25 23:16:40I'm a straight guy but nothing makes me shoot cum as far as hard as when I hear a guy moan... need more videos of it cause I sure as hell am not quiet like most guys seem to be.

    significant bonner

    2013-01-27 21:07:35lordy you need someone to lap that up B====D~~~~O: love your power trusts in the air when its starts hitting that holly fuck feel good moment


    2013-01-14 07:21:28j'adore me masturber, je pratique beaucoup, en plus j'aime voir les videos de branlettes de mecs


    2012-11-18 18:36:33i'm straight, but this video makes me so hard that i want to cum all over myself!


    2012-11-11 05:23:28I'm a straight dude who loves women, but I'll be honest, this video is so damn good. Every time I watch this, I always get hard and cum. Great skin, great orgasm, great cum shot, great groans... Beautiful. You got this straight dude downloading this vid!


    2012-05-29 18:16:41I loved it i wanked my stiff cock. i would love to be caught


    2012-05-28 18:49:11Fuck me hard in my wet pussy ! You're sound is great


    2012-04-16 07:45:15I keep coming back, too. Man...want more of his vids.

    Miamaja dk

    February 08, 2012I have had a lot of great orgasms while looking at you. Thanks for joining.


    January 05, 2012I love the moaning, it keeps me cumming, everytime I watch this video. And I watch it a lot!


    December 16, 2011Great video. Totally adore it. Even his moaning is sexy!


    November 22, 2011NICE quite a aggressive orgasm you have there


    November 18, 2011This was perfect. Defiitely coming back to it. Pretty hot, boyo.


    November 14, 2011I love this vid: it's always my favourite! I cum hard every time... Great guy!


    October 30, 2011i always return to this video, ive no idea what it is that makes it so perfect. now ive even downloaded it. great. im officially a female perv.


    October 20, 2011yo are a great stallion


    October 06, 2011I love the moaning makes me wet and horny


    September 27, 2011wow one of my favorite clips by far


    September 12, 2011I loved it!!!! :)

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