Listen to my pussy farts

Listen to my pussy farts

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    2013-08-20 15:28:45Once she started farting my nipples got hard and that really turned me on


    2012-03-20 04:53:151:20 - 2:06 Best sex position ever for a girl 2:06 - 2:24 guys got to do that more Combo of the two = heaven in bed


    2012-03-16 16:23:58my misses does it all the time when bent over and fuked hard.... its quite nice lol


    2012-02-18 00:04:46I agree with dan. Its so hot when a pust farts. Especially more than once. I love to pull out and pump it hard to fart over and over.

    Jo annie

    2012-02-09 03:57:45The first time my sister's ex fucked me we were trying to be quiet.He had already blown a load in me amnd was going at me again and whether a combo of his big dick and my creamy pussy each stroke created a huge pussy fart so loud I thought my roomates could hear it.From there on in he wore condoms.


    July 31, 2011*ROFL*


    July 26, 2011damn its like a jungle down there

    Mr Fat Cock

    April 21, 2011Asian women are so hot but they need to learn how to use a razor on their pussy. Pussy farting is pretty hot I got my ex to cum so good and hard before she accidently let a realy fart


    March 28, 2011hahahaha


    February 20, 2011is my dream!!!! have an asian girl to fuck all time in every holes


    January 31, 2011u dont have to have a big dick to make a pussy fart. mine is only 8 1/2 in long and my gf farts all the time


    January 20, 2011Doesn't matter if you're fucking a tight pussy or loose pussy, If you have a big dick, you can make any pussy fart.


    January 09, 2011go shave. you look like a cave woman.


    December 22, 2010listenin to the queefs and pussy farts are amazing. yum i love the sound. want my bf to do this to me.


    October 22, 2010you guys must have small dicks if you think its weird or gross, that sound is made when a large penis enters a tight vagina and creates a pocket of air. its actually quite sexy.


    October 21, 2010thats sexy


    October 11, 2010last think ya wanna hear during sex


    October 07, 2010ha ha ha ha


    October 05, 2010pussy farts? lol

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