Lesbian Lick Fest

Lesbian Lick Fest

Length:  68:45


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    2014-04-21 06:35:13this is a bullshit video....... fuckin' fake...... real lesbo do not need dildos or whatever else.... then why screamin' and shouting all the time.... there's a killer inside the room ????


    2014-01-16 04:55:01so sexy I want to get fucked by them one day , I am, the best to have It ,oh and bitch ''EBONY'' YOUR RONG MAYBE YOUR NAOT A REAL LESBO FUCK YOU1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2013-07-15 18:50:02wow


    2013-02-14 06:33:431 whant to lik black pussy mom


    2012-09-14 04:37:55nice


    2012-09-09 18:41:57how many females were in dis video? but da video wuz nice except for da dildos


    2011-04-30 15:46:26man eye love diz bhut eye hate dildoz when mii n mii gurl have sex we dnt use em ; she just stay down on mii kuz she love meh pussy ; we just had amazin sex ta diz video


    January 06, 2012This shit was whack. Lmao! I Laughed the whole time!


    December 28, 2011real lesbians don't need toys.


    November 13, 2011some of them look like men.....

    king dingaling

    November 05, 2011i love pretty pussy's


    November 04, 2011i love black lesbian with use of dildos, but not strap ons. one turn off on this film is the fake 'oh yeahing' all the way through it!


    September 24, 2011black porn is great and i like didlos i use them almost every day..;) id LOVE to have this black one they had..:D


    August 11, 2011id love to fuck them


    July 23, 2011to tell u dah truth its too much dildos in here i like to experience with my fingers if u know what i mean....;-D


    June 11, 2011too much dry pussy for me...


    May 14, 2011Glad to see others agreeing about dildo's spoiling good lesbian sex. Just give us beautiful black women eating tasty black pussy and just leave the penetration to fingers and tongues please. Black Ice productions will probably be the first to release a full seriously hardcore black lesbian vid without the use of any dildo's and strap on's I reckon. Surely someone must release that strap ons and dildos do nothing for lots of fans of lesbian porn ?


    April 26, 2011I really like black porn, but why do they ALWAYS have to look at the camera and always have dildos?!


    April 08, 2011I agree. Nice video, but does black lesbian porn always have to include dildos?


    April 07, 2011So much potential in these Hip Hop Diva Orgies...but spoilt by the dildo's. Why not have two or three on one scenarios where two or three eat the same pussy with lots of finger and tongue fucking and sucking pussy juice off of each others fingers and swapping pussy juice a bit like cum swapping ? Black lesbian porn with lots of kissing and serious pussy eating without dildo's would be superb.


    March 24, 2011WTF Thiis video is amazing WOW !


    March 06, 2011OMG, I cannot get enough of these sexy fucking black Babydolls ~ mmmm I have watched this 5 times today and blew my nut twice each time... This is what sex is all about...


    March 05, 2011Best video on this site ~ wow


    March 02, 2011you guys got that right cause the same here i love this wow ....


    February 18, 2011there is no way i will be able to watch this whole things im sure ill cum in the first 2 minutes lol

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