Lesbian Factor - Eat my pussy

Lesbian Factor - Eat my pussy

Length:  4:27


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2014-03-06 21:18:45Really good for masturbation


2013-08-13 18:08:40I WISH IT WAS MY PUSSY GIRLS

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2013-07-21 21:37:46wear a dick


2013-06-12 15:40:05Love watching you eat her pussy. It have showed me how to eat pussy and i have learn some new stuff to try on my wife


2013-03-21 23:38:53this made me sooooo wET!!!!!

pussy eater

2012-08-19 18:40:30I want to eat out some pussy and ass soooo bad now. Girls let me know if you want your holes eaten.

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2014-04-14 09:01:16yea soo badly


2012-04-11 12:30:20ill like yo eat that pussy


2012-02-25 10:55:16I love this video :) It reminds me of me and my girlfriend(: And I love how you can see the passion between these two. Not fake, but true passion. You can see it in their eyes. That's what I love.

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December 24, 2012ilove eatin my gf pussy


June 04, 2012The darker complected girl is named Arcadia Davida who is from the Philippines


January 20, 2012Someone Needs To Suck me like that

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November 24, 2011ohhh!! im SO horny someone come eat me! ;D


November 01, 2011This is why I love amateurs! They don't fuck the money, they fuck the person. These girls, clearly, enjoyed each other.Just look how the darker girl looks into the other girl's eyes right before she comes. AMAZING! They made each other come NOT the money.

horney girl

September 24, 2011i want my pussy licked like that omg


September 21, 2011ooohhh i wish i was a lesbian!

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August 18, 2011oh bayyybbeeeeee all i waaant is my pusssy lickedd!!


August 15, 2011HOT.


August 09, 2011i wanna be licked now!!

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July 23, 2011yesterday my boyfriend suck like this


June 14, 2011that was the hottest thing everrrrr,,, i wanna eat some pussy rite now


May 23, 2011yesterday my boyfriend did this to me on a park someone even took a video ooo hell yeah


May 12, 2011i want my pussy licked right now juices and all

cool women

May 02, 2011ho has lick pussy before?

sex addict

April 21, 2011damn! my boyfriend used to lick and suck my pink pussy..just like this.. urgh! i want it bad

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