japanese sex on train 3/3

japanese sex on train 3/3

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2014-02-06 10:35:37wish to fuck you


2013-07-31 02:49:51why train


2013-01-18 17:01:45ok but i not happy cencors yuda


2012-04-10 09:30:02It's a real train on a real line (I take it normally). What the porn producers do is issue temporary passes to customers and inform them what's happening, not that most of them give a damn. This is a standard technique used to introduce "new faces" to the porn industry. The fuzzy censorship is required by Japanese law, which incidentally, does NOT prohibit showing of genitalia, but of pubic hair. I remember a case several years ago where a girl was arrested for streaking based on that law. When she put on panties, the police let her go without charges. The comment about cars on trains for women is true during certain hours so they won't get groped. BUT a bisexual coworker friend of mine met me when we got off the train at the same station and bitched about the women who were groping her on the segregated car. Not that she minded, but in public. She couldn't figure out why they just didn't chat her up -- she speaks Japanese -- and head for a nearby "love hotel". Hell, I could go on and on, but just recently I had a really beautiful girl offer me a seat as I'm 80 and somewhat crippled. I thanked her and she stood up in front of me wearing a short mini-skirt with net "crotchless" pantyhose and shoving her pussy in my face. I'd have taken her up on it, but figured that there might be a video camera around. Besides, I had to get off at the next stop and catch a bus home, damn it.


September 30, 2012Very funny some people saying it's fake, it's completely true. The problem with this people is the cultural education, I don't agree with gaijin about they don't give a shit it's because of the need of always being polite. If this happened in most western countries someone would yell at them and force them to get out, but not in asia, specailly in korea or japan. I live in asia and still think japanese are sick :-P


October 18, 2011it's all true ! and just because there is so many abuse like this on wemen in japan's trains they made separate wagons .... this is a crazy country, REALLY !! how can nobody just stand and say just go anywhere else ... PS: just so funny i think that no one of the mans who where sitting there could stand up 'cause they've all had a freaking bonner if you look at it they all have their bags on their stuff :d (sorry for my bad english :s i try to improve it watching video's :d)


October 17, 2011it's likely a 1 car train on a super local line


September 27, 2011I dont care if it is fake or not, love the pee at the end..


April 22, 2011not cool...


April 18, 2011whos that woman walking off at 1:32 then?


April 16, 2011very good


March 16, 2011this is real..


March 15, 2011I don believe that can do it in public train


March 11, 2011Do you realize that there are no woman on the train?? It's fake...

is that true...?

February 17, 2011why they do it in train ??? don't they have motels there??? how sick!!!


February 14, 2011japaneese rumors is right!!!

japanese rumors

January 27, 2011yup thats true..other japanese dont care.,sometimes.they know that one person is going to jump before the train comes..the will not do anything..you know what i mean,,if you live here in japan.youll understand..

japan monkey

January 08, 2011i think all passenger is staff.


January 07, 2011oo totoo yan ok lg sa kanila kahit anu gawin mo...walang pakialaman


January 05, 2011This is sick.


December 18, 2010Sa japan nga kasi walang pkielam mga tao kung ano man suot mo, kahit nakauhubad ka pa o ano. pag naaksidente ka nga walng tutulong sa iyo eh, tatawag lang ng ambulance pero di ka nila lalapitan.


December 10, 2010mga baliw ung mga tao!!!... nasarapan lng sa kantutan di man lang inawat!!!...


November 22, 2010is this a joke ?? O.O


November 02, 2010watta poor girl


October 28, 2010they're fuckin crazy!!!

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