If he only knew we fucked his sister

If he only knew we fucked his sister

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    Bad Brad

    2013-09-08 12:38:29When attending a family wedding outta town our three families stayed in a huge skiing chalet so we all were in the same house.we all were drinking after the rehearsal and when I went back to the chalet I walked in on my cousin fucking his gf's younger sister and she asked me to join them so I did as I watched her devour his big cock I started to lick her pierced clit and then I entered her from behind as her pussy took me in balls deep and she brought my fingers to her ass and I worked three into her little butthole.She then told me to move to the next hole up (her ass) as she sucked my ass soaked fingers and my cousin got underneath her and fucked her pussy as I pumped her ass I could feel his big unit in her other canal and when I was ready to cum she told me to cum in her ass as I finished up my load in her ass and she licked my dick clean I could see my cousin was ready to blow and she took him out and put his big dick in her cummed filled ass where he too emptied his balls as she went to work sucking him dry I watched our two loads spewing from her ass running down her legs.As we were getting ready to get her back to her room she said tomorrow night lets get another guy.What a little nympho she was.


    January 05, 2012i was at friends and he left to go mow neighbor's yard i was watching tv in living room, his sis come in wearing pink panties and tank top and gives me a lap dance when she done she gives her ass a good slap and says do u want this thans runs back to her room, i walk in she on the bed and says close the door and get over here and fuck me she makes me go several times than her bro nocks on the door ask where iam at i get dressed and jump out her window


    September 20, 2011GO STEELERS!! HAHA


    February 13, 2011I FUCK MAN


    December 01, 2010jenn wanna drain my sacks haah


    November 30, 2010I fucked my brothers two friends and their ball sacs completely emptied.They couldn't believe how a younger girl could fuck the shit out of them,and my brother thinks I don't like his friends.


    November 23, 2010We stayed at our friends house one night and he left for work in the morning.His younger sister came in the our room and started fucking me and my buddy,she was hot and horny and fucked us all morning draining our nuts several times.When he got home and asked what we did all day,we replied just layed around...He would have killed us if he knew what we did to his sister.


    November 19, 2010is that molly rome?

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