I fucked my neighbors daughter

I fucked my neighbors daughter

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    2013-06-02 22:42:01He's better with the fingers! Daddy!!!

    Mr Ezz

    2013-03-10 16:45:05When I caught my neighbor's daughter skinny dipping in our pool I brought her in the house and wrapped her in a towel,.She was 22 and hot as hell and begged me not to tell her parents as she pulled her towel off.I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was as I worked my fingers in her as she got my dick out and then without any protection I slid my dick into her wet pussy as she moaned I covered her mouth as I drilled her and as I was about to cum she put my pussy soaked dick in her mouth and guzzled down my load.I fucked her tight little body all afternoon long as she took my load down her gullet each time.


    2013-01-30 01:09:36What a lucky guy. When she was sitting on the couch reminds me when I use to do my last g/f when she sit in the postion and I fo her that way. I do it either standing up or on my knees. The frist time I did her that way she said it was the frist time she had been do that way. An at that time she was 44 years old and i was 40 years old. We usally start out on the couch or floor doing oral, extended foreplay,& encourse. An than working our way to her bedroom. An either place at times we would throw in a porn too.


    2012-12-29 09:48:17Mmmmm...love it. He has a nice sexy body for an older guy and a cute ASS! Even love the tats. I would love to meet him. Who loves naughty Asian girls? Holler at me. Kisses...

    Jim R

    2012-12-12 14:20:19When I was just out of college, I was living in a small rental house in a quiet neighborhood and was working my first "real" job in management. Next door was a single mom (age 40) who had an 18 yr old daughter going to the community college close by. The girl needed help in a couple of courses, so I offered to help. The daughter fucked me several times during our tutoring sessions. Mom fucked me when daughter was in class since she had caught me fucking her daughter and got turned on by it. With a new job, fucking two horny women was about all I could handle.


    2012-09-13 17:57:22I was tutoring this woman (who had gone back to college after her kids were out of school). She was 45 and was having trouble with math. I tutored her and no charge. Her 19 yr old daughter was home one weekend and she called me to thank me for helping her mother... I said it was fine. Daughter then offered to "treat me"... well, I remembered she was pretty hot when in high school, and since she offered, I said yes. We got togehter at her mom's house while mom was in class. Very hot, very enjoyable. Daughter came back several times for more "thank you" sessions.


    2012-03-12 08:20:38wow jon....that is hot


    January 02, 2012i caught my neighbore 19yold daughbor smoking in my shed she beg me not tell her dad she even ask for sex i said ok,she said she not on birth control i said that ok we will just do anal she said no cant do that i hate it, i said i just tell your dad than she ok lets get it over with i told her to pull down shorts and panties to your knees bend over and grab your ankles i came in her ass twice, now she likes anal a year later we stile meet up in the shed for some good anal


    December 25, 2011i want hiiim !


    August 31, 2011I get to fuck her when she comes to visit. In collage now and works in the summer. I started fucking her at age 17. When she told me sex was not that great. boys had hit it a few times and never made her cum. So I helped her find her cum spot. She is so hot and her pussy so good. For me will spread any time I can. Have been to visit her at collage a few times, get a hotel for the weekend. Great pussy. Fucked her mom a few times, but the daughter is built os well. great tits.

    1 fuck

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    Erectile Tissue

    October 25, 2010Wow--I did fuck my neighbors daughter and she had the biggest clit I have every seen.I sucked on it for an hour and got it nice and swollen then as I was fucking her I kept pulling my knob out and rubbing her clit'finally just before I came she went off squirting all over the place,then I unloaded my sauce directly on her clit.


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