I fuck my friends mom

I fuck my friends mom

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    2014-01-06 07:35:51fukinnnnnnnnnnnn great


    2013-10-09 01:17:25My bestfriend and i used to masterbate and suck each others dicks one time his step mom caught us and told us not to stop or she would tell his dad. Next night she came into his room pulled my shorts down while i was sleeping and gave me head i then took her on the floor and fucked her . We still fuck till this day.


    2013-09-12 10:08:01Die würde ich auch gern Ficken

    Brahma Fear

    2013-02-11 01:33:24FuckinA

    old top

    2012-04-16 18:46:41friends mom started showing me tit at 12 and 13 she offered BJ. Got her first time at 13 and went on to breed her for years. was a very hot woman and husband could not satisfy at all. I did satisfy in years to come. I became a real stroke machine. Could stroke for hours if ask and stroked a nice rod. Was very large for my age and by age 16 she told me I would be a dad. her husband raised my son treated him great. Was many years ago, son is married today only knows the husband as dad. He is large like me, almost 6-6. I still visited from time ot time, but not so anyone could tell.


    2012-03-25 07:05:36name pleaase


    January 12, 2012the 2 of use took a drunk friend home wich we all been drinking he passes out as soon we got in after talking with his mom for a little bit she ask us to help her in the basement after taking down a few things come back in the bedroom to get more we walk back in she closes and locks the door takes her cloths off lays on the bed none of us said one word we took ours off started having sex it was a 3 some for alittle while than she told one of use to take a break while the other fucks me when i come she tell me to take break we r not done now its your turn than when he comes she tell me your turn again she made us do that all night it was sometimes after daylight when she says we r done when we left he was still passed out


    January 02, 2012yes i do

    porno manager

    December 22, 2011good luck jim want some more moms to fuck


    December 17, 2011WOW he is so hot!!!!


    September 08, 2011I fucked my gf's mom and it wasn't planned, but when the opportunity presented itself, I didn't say no either. My gf and I had been arguing for a couple of weeks, so went over one night to either get things worked out or break up. Gf was still at work, but mom was home and she told me to come in and wait. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and mom comes back in wearing this black see-through negligee and paraded some, then sat on my lap. She was well aware of the problems between my gf and me, and basically she told me that when we broke up, she wanted me to come see her. We fucked that night, almost got caught by my gf. 3 weeks later, I broke up with my gf, but I continued to see her mom for another year


    September 05, 2011yeahh..who knows a full version of this vid??


    September 02, 2011need a full version of this. any ideas?


    June 22, 2011mom what are you doing? :o


    April 20, 2011nice


    April 03, 2011i wanna fuck my friends mom badly


    March 07, 2011Is there a longer version? This is my favourite video on YouPorn.


    February 25, 2011sex me


    January 28, 2011I like that


    November 10, 2010whats her name?


    November 10, 2010what scene is this from


    October 26, 2010love the woman's armpits baby.........i m fukin her nowwwww


    September 23, 2010My friends mom is twice my age and has the tighest ass I have ever been in!!!!


    August 03, 2010Mom? :O:O


    July 30, 2010what´s her name?

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