Husband shares his wife with his friend

Husband shares his wife with his friend

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2014-03-11 21:54:50I did this with my wife once, we had a friend come over and she started sucking his cock while I fucked her but I was so turned on by watching her mouth on someone else's cock that I came after only a few minutes... So I had to sit there and watch her suck and fuck him and he came on her face, by that time I was turned on again so she sucked me with his cum still on her face


2014-03-07 05:30:25my wife and me are looking to do this, im just wanting to suck his cock after he fucks my wife so i can taste her on him and then i would like to dp her and we both cum in her. we all would have fun!

Bill Nye the Science Guy

2013-12-29 20:04:18The gut who came first just had to hang out with his Wang out till the other dude finished. I would have been like wtf? The crazy shit people do.

pussy licker

2013-08-18 18:30:55this was not sexy

king felix

2013-07-23 18:57:43thatd be so fun

George Lopez

2013-06-09 22:49:37Well, with such a small penis it is understandable he has to bring another penis to home or she will leave.


2013-06-05 01:31:01I love sharing my wife - It's HOT to watch


2013-04-30 20:52:19mhhh love it, looking forward being shared regularly soon ...


2013-03-24 21:18:08My wife wants to suck & fuck another man any takers out there she is 5ft 6in 125 lbs short blond hair green eyes shaved pussy 40 years old looking for a well built man


2013-03-13 09:57:25nice


2013-02-09 08:29:07While I'm being fucked by other men my husband also calls me names, slut ,whore and stuff. I feel good because they fuck my hairy cunt harder. I look at him in his face while I take their cocks. One time this guy was licking my asshole as I'm sucking the other's cock. My husband enjoyed looking at that. After they shoot their cum in me I would spread my legs so he can see the cum flowing out of my fuck hole. He says I'm a whore and he loves me. I'm contented .

Cum slut Lorna

2013-02-06 15:46:27Yes I am another slut who loves being shared.I usually have more than 1 guy at a time while my hubby watches.I don't know which of us enjoys it the most.I get the cocks and glorious cum and he gets the pleasure of watching and then telling me what a slut I am while he fucks me.


2013-02-04 15:17:55real clip wish icould be there


2013-02-03 16:42:56Sharing to some else is great. My husband alsways shares me once a month tonhis friends. Our relationships becomes more stronger. I fuck his friends infrnt of him. Smetimes he joins us in fucking me. They will both fuck in my ass and one in my feels great...somerimes to younger once im the one teaching them about sex...mynhusband loves it. I also share my husband to my girlfriends....


2013-01-29 11:46:15All wives should be doing this it makes a better marriage . Fucking another man while my husband watches is a turn on . He enjoys watching my hairy pussy get fucked , I told my girlfriends to try it, some did , others not yet . They don't know what they are missing. Young men love fucking my pussy. When I suck their cocks they go wild, I get good hard longer fucks than from my husband. Have fun ladies .


2012-05-14 13:28:26I would love to share my wife Ali with a stranger. She has been talking about being shared while we have sex and it turns her on very much. I would love to take the next step and make it happen.. Turn her into a real little cum slut.


2012-04-17 19:38:21She looks very happy with all the attention


2012-02-27 22:49:24my wife and i let her coworker fuck her last night i didnt watch but was in the other room and could hear them, it was pretty hot he ended up blowing a big wad in her mouth i love my slutty wife


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January 30, 2012This woman is tops and I wouldn't share her with anybody!!!!


January 27, 2012best ass ever



my wife

June 07, 2011One of my friends is screwing my wife. A few times a year we'll have a social gathering at our place. after the other guests have left he'll take my wife up to our bedroom and fuck her the rest of the night. I love listening at the door to her getting laid.


May 20, 2011HOT! I would love to be a fourth.


April 21, 2011Love the nip on this chick

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