Husband Fucked by Shemale and Wife

Husband Fucked by Shemale and Wife

Length:  3:16


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2014-03-06 13:08:11three lucky people, and happy too!


2014-03-02 21:11:46im a man i like to some one fuck me


2014-02-26 05:46:36i would eat her ass forever!


2014-01-26 16:03:35Dam this looks like could be fun and would love to due this sometime


2014-01-15 22:31:08I don't know how that guy kept from blowing his load.....

horny as

2013-12-01 08:49:51I want to fuck a tranny xan some one send them my way

Kk kitty

2013-10-07 02:51:08Ahhhh My turn!


2013-08-13 03:11:55Im cum


2013-07-31 04:54:17Now he looked at the end like he'ed been fucked not a better felling I love it when I look like that

X Mantova

2013-07-14 09:17:46Se vuoi ... Io sono pronto a sfondanti il culo... Fammi sapere... A me piace anche che dopo lo faccia a me....


2013-07-07 16:31:21always what this done to me. I always what to try a shemale and it looks so much fun. watching this is getting me so hard


2013-07-01 01:23:13That's one lucky husband.


2013-04-11 04:33:01my+fantasy!!!+

No Ordinary Dick

2013-04-07 16:55:43Wow ! Shemale we hired in Vegas not nearly as good looking, but just as nasty. OMG, what a fuckfest. Definitely doing that again......


2013-04-06 18:39:55WOW!! A wet dream cum true!. What an experience. Getting a hot tranny to fuck you in the ass while your wife sits on your face. Then to have your wife ream out your ass with a strap-on while you suck the tranny-off. I'm straight but Bi-curious. I'd like to put something like this on my bucket list.


2013-03-04 15:18:54Yeah... He should have swallowed that sweet load of cum..lick it down..

good fuck

2013-02-19 04:41:54no toy needed enough holes mouth pussy cock to use

Shaun ♥♡♥

2013-02-14 09:17:39HIM, I dont consider it over until i've swallowed a load of love juice either female or better still another guys


2013-01-21 03:01:46That was HOT.


2013-01-09 15:28:35Why don't these guys swallow a load?????That makes hotter.....I would love to swallow


2012-12-28 08:03:23I would have swallowed her load....mmmmm

sexy fucker

2012-11-27 06:47:25it made my pussy sooo wet


2012-11-26 08:08:38want my ass eaten and cock sucked at the same time,mmmmmmm!

wht guy

2012-11-21 05:16:49DR i'm a wht bi guy too i love my ass fucked too & filled with cum i really love bbc;s


2012-11-08 00:26:15i would love to join that

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