He can;t hold back and cums inside

He can;t hold back and cums inside

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    2013-10-04 01:09:30he shouldn't have cum in her - she did say this early in the vid - why didn't he just put his cock 1/2 way in so he could pull out - he can still cum and it's just as much fun.


    2013-09-21 20:37:12Great tits, face, pussy and legs - you're a saint if you don't cum in her pussy


    2013-07-26 12:52:20hey chikita or any1 who knows him, whats the guys name?????


    2013-07-16 04:45:42great job,dude!

    Big Balls

    2013-06-17 06:28:37She continues to ride him even though she says don't cum inside me

    mrz bi bi

    2013-05-08 04:37:29maan i love this vid. you straight, gay. and lezbos out there will never know how good porn is to a bi person both people are hot as hell to you so you cum twice as hard im so lucky


    2013-07-23 09:26:37haha - best comment ever!


    2013-04-05 23:38:47She really needs to learn how to give a good blow job and the spitting is a huge turnoff


    2013-03-31 18:05:26That was to hot but I really don't think the spitting thing is attractive at all


    2013-03-19 19:43:13that guys good in bed


    2012-12-29 09:01:47the ending was so funny "this has never happened before" "I mean you were so hot"

    middle easter

    2012-12-28 19:28:00this is like wrestling>>


    2012-12-22 17:53:51Thank you for the feed back and we are trying to different postitions. The best i like is when she have her back to me and i love watching my dick going in and out her pussy. I also love when she on top so i can play with her brest. I love how her pussy fill on my dick all wet and juices are flowing my cock. It just make me cum so fast.

    @ jim

    2012-11-17 18:06:50i do stay long by taking less sugary stuff; you can also take dark stout such as guinness as some may argue that it helps in detoxifying the body systems, release ur mind; try not to be over excited when you are trying to meet your partner, and don't over stress yourself with work/job or anything. Also, i must add that your partner can also help in prolonging this if she tends no provoke you as in time to time, and she knows how to comport herself in different positions and flow with the rhythm, if you know what i mean. haha. no matter the lenght or width, she will keep begging you for more other than this, the reverse has always been the case for me. No matter the size.


    2012-10-26 20:07:36just like to know how these guys can hold back so long. I can't hold like they can and would love feed back. I would love to be in some movies


    2012-10-24 03:29:29not to mention they caught on video at the end that she knew where the bathroom was, yet in the begining "o good i was hoping this was the place" and never left that room, so how the hell did she know where to go, can someone please tell me?


    2012-10-09 14:31:39Damn, he is one fine piece of heaven!!!


    2012-07-08 20:36:15Oh my god, I would cum inside her too, wouldn't be able to hold back, beautiful pussy


    2012-07-05 21:09:27wht's guy name...?


    2012-06-27 23:00:03its called the contraceptive pill, darling. i dont understand how a freaking porn star wouldnt have looked into it before "going on the job"... even if he wasnt supposed to cum inside her, she should have been prepared just in case! apart from the mini-freak out she had at the end it was a pretty hot vid


    2012-06-09 16:12:45Yea, Jesus, I laughed at that, too! LOL! Am I the only one who hates tons of spitting? If a dude EVER spit in my mouth, I would punch him right in the junk and that would be THAT. Other than that, some of it was hot...And if you are going to do a creampie, please squeeze it out at the end. Thanks.


    2012-06-08 18:01:35this has never happened before!!!


    2012-03-14 12:57:17lol, huge nipples. "are you trying to get me pregnant?" never went to school, huh?


    2012-03-13 17:25:53Endlich mal einer der in das geile Weib reinspritzt, waere zu gern an seiner Stelle ;-)


    2012-03-09 05:38:06Haha. Gotta love conflict after sex! "Whats wrong with you? I told you not to cum inside me!" *rolls eyes*

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