hard fuck

hard fuck

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    2013-07-06 19:16:08samira i can do that to you.


    2013-07-06 13:27:20My husband rented our apartment above us to a two black guys and one black woman they been there now three weeks she has a job where she drives 60 miles one way and works 12 hours a night the guys work construction and when its raining they don't work. I been working in the yard lately trying to get it ready for summer I was out there in a thin short sundress no bra and skimpy panties when I heard a whistle I looked around there stood one of the guys staring at my exposed white panties I didn't try to cover up fast I finished what I was doing and stood up and said hello he said you always dress that sexy I said yes if you call this sexy oh yes your one hot female he said I said thanks we had short talk then I started to leave when he said hope next time to see more without panties I act like I didn't hear him. I was doing something in the house when I found myself turned on by him I brushed it off then found myself again thinking about both them pounding my pussy hard. so time went on weeks later I was out in the yard and both them came up to me and started small talk when I noticed one of them had ball shorts on and a huge bulge I couldn't stop from staring. when he ask if they could swim in the pool I said sure are you going to dive in with us I said well no he come on I said well I guess let me go put on my bathing suit I put on my white string bikini the most revealing getting turned on doing it. I brought down a couple of beers and we all dove in when I got out of the pool both them were staring hard not caring if I noticed damn guys its not that nice is it oh yes they said at the same time. very nice I noticed the bulge in one of their shorts I started applying lotion when one of them took the bottle and started doing it for me the other joined next thing I know my top was off my bottoms were down and I had a big black cock in my mouth and in my pussy in the yard where anyone could see I didn't care it felt good I had three orgasms and my pussy was full of jizz and my mouth was dripping jizz where I couldn't swallow all of it I laid there couldn't move when I watched both them leave with long limp dicks. I been letting them both fuck me when they want my husband told me it was ok but I need to let others play with me because just those two will wear off after awhile I see the ones wife and we talk all the time she mentioned they are brothers and she been sleeping with her husband brother since he moved in. She worried she will get caught. I am fucking both and not worried because it only happens now and then


    2012-08-22 12:09:17i like feck for you


    2012-04-05 22:21:10Worst. Music. Evar.


    June 10, 2012watch the full vid of these two. 52 mins long. 'cherrys 1st interracial'. It is amazing!

    girl needs to stfu

    January 16, 2012once you go black, you can't go back ... ...or walk straight the next day =P


    December 17, 2011I want a man and he must fuck me hard so I can orgasm again and again.


    December 05, 2011The same video named Screw wife.


    December 05, 2011lol!!!!!. Is the same vid named Screw milf. Ju ju ju


    November 20, 2011jesus christ....


    November 16, 2011just... just lol


    September 27, 2011WTF MAN! She should of stfu and took it.......and he shouldn't have stopped when she started complaining. Her EXCESSIVE crying was a huge turn off. I would of preferred a loud moan or something..........gees.


    September 20, 2011i want some


    July 19, 2011wow


    June 19, 2011...und wieder ein vorbildlicher Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens Black & Decker.


    June 19, 2011oh my god, what a man, this is how all men should be like, MAJESTIC BULL!


    May 15, 2011ca s'est un homme, super, incroyable, j'adore quand il lui demande si tout va bien baby


    April 17, 2011hard and deep......great...

    Standing Tall

    January 25, 2011Hard, hard, hard. This is the way a woman enjoys the most.


    September 10, 2010zukkon bakkon!!!


    August 14, 2010i wonder what it would feel like to have her orgasm like that on your cock


    July 20, 2010holy fuckkkk shes getting mangled

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