great pussy eating

great pussy eating

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    2013-02-17 10:38:57Suzzie. It was too much too soon, I want my guys to make it last for a few hours at least


    2012-08-12 21:48:25A real couple having real sex. soooooo nice.


    January 07, 2012Yes, she has a beautiful body and deserves much more attention. In less than 4 minutes he licked her puss, stuck his cock inside her then titty fucked her and blew his load on her chest...really? she was just getting warmed up and he was finished! Where was her pleasure in this? Cum on guys...


    July 09, 2011When I lick and suck, I go for it with tenderness, passion and variety of speed and area kissed. My cock is secondary to the taste, fragrance and warm juices b4 me... I have been married nearly 30 yrs and love pleasing a woman.


    July 07, 2011i liked you eat the wet pussy kommmm licked it


    February 22, 2011what a very beautiful woman. I agree she deserved more head from him. so nice to see a real couple having loving sex.


    February 09, 2011^ Nice. ;-) I love this video - there's a real beauty to it - especially the peaceful pleasure on her face at the end. I'd have liked a bit more cunt licking though. Overall, very horny and makes my clit really ache nicely.


    November 14, 2010Ok's how I like to be eatn out: start off with kisses, delicate ones around the thighs, then moving to plant them on my lips gently, suck my tits, kiss me, tell me the things you want me to do after, then once i'm worked up... my pussy should be more open, miss again a few times on my lips below, lick the outside of my slit from top to bottom. Open my up and press your lips right in, kiss and lick profusely. Do this for about a minute. then it should be time to suck on my clit, it'll be pretty erect by now, so sucking is good then. finally to make me cum, use your index finger to stroke my G spot white kissing + sucking and licking entire vagina most of the time on my clit however. about a minute later ill be coming, completely from you, me help shouldn't be needed. Trick: break her off right before shes about to come, you might have to ask before hand for a little heads up. If you do, I'll be willing to do just about anything for you, anything is sexy at this point, even eating ur cum. This is hard, she'll either like the suspense or hate you so much for breaking her off just before she comes. Good trick if you never get head


    October 31, 2010Girls, ifno one comments on licking pussy, how are us guys ever going to learn???

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