Girlfriend sucking my cock cum in her face

Girlfriend sucking my cock cum in her face

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    2013-07-18 10:52:53would love to have something like that at the receiving end of my cock!!


    2013-07-01 13:49:11Nice


    2012-04-02 16:33:01Pretty girl great cock sucker


    January 27, 2012Tina..I can always live in hope!

    Marg 1

    January 07, 2012Tina you are correct, whoever I suck off never have to touch their cock. If your mouth cant get him to blow then give it away & go back to vaginal sex only.


    July 29, 2011She loved that shoot She must have been really fuckin high though her eyes get scary at points


    April 25, 2011please, no more videos where the guy jacks off to cum. so weak. and so insulting to the girl! how about showing a video where the circumstances are reversed: guy fucks a girl senseless. Just before she climaxes, he pulls out and just sits there while she fingers herself to orgasm. How demeaning would that be to the guy. Atta way to go, Tina. I like your style.


    February 07, 2011"cum in her face"???


    January 18, 2011@ Clint LOL, I am sure you would. Seems to me that all guys love blowjobs, regardless of who it is from. I will make you a deal, if my bf EVER turns me down when I offer to suck his cock, I will let you know. But I dont think that will happen.


    January 14, 2011Tina-- If ever you are without a bf let me know. I would love one of your blowjobs


    January 09, 2011she's so hot ! WTF


    January 05, 2011Well, it was a nice cumshot, but I would not say it was a nice blowjob. If the guy has to jack off to cum, whats the use? He could have done that without the girl. When I give my bf a blowjob, its ALL ME, he doesnt have to touch his cock AT ALL. I suck it, lick it, play with his balls, jack it off for him and watch it shoot either in my mouth or on my boobs. All my bfs have loved my blowjobs. Besides, that leaves their hands free to play with my boobs at the same time.


    January 05, 2011What's her name? My cock wants her mouth!!


    August 02, 2010dude she gave a really nice B.J. and she has such a hot body!!


    July 09, 2010fuck this


    June 09, 2010I love her! Not only does she give a great BJ, but she's bald, too!


    May 18, 2010What an amazing body

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