Girlfriend Creams On Boyfriends Dick!

Girlfriend Creams On Boyfriends Dick!

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    2013-12-08 12:32:02Funny as fuck

    Martin red

    2013-10-09 05:25:26So excited wat a hot i feel so libirated


    2013-09-02 19:29:05I wish i could last that long. I love watching this and when she cums on his dick i would love have my cock in that wet pussy when it cum like that


    2013-06-29 07:50:43Next time, bury your cock balls deep and fill that cunt!


    2013-04-01 23:38:46why did you leave it in and cum in her nice pussy there. I wish my wife pussy do that get all wet like that. I love to fill her wet pussy when i fuck her like this

    Creamier not always better

    2013-03-16 18:14:16Cream is okay but I like it way better when I'm fucking my girl (or she is riding me) and we're going so hard that she is about to quirt and my cock literally gets pushed out of her and she floods with sex juice. Honestly nothing hotter than that, I'm sorry to say.


    2013-09-28 20:11:03I know my friend does that to me when we fuck too but i love the way her cums on my dick and and runs down my cock around my balls


    2013-02-19 23:25:40Fuck


    2013-02-03 06:04:36thats a prime looking ass that Jess has! Moves real nice too


    2013-01-24 21:39:20If you think that the skin every girl's pussy or asshole (or even the dude's dick) is going to have pigment that matches the rest of their body, you watch too much porn and don't get laid enough (or haven't at all). Girls in porn do shit like labiaplasty and bleach their anuses to look the way they do. Of course, some are probably naturally like that, but many preen themselves to look that way.


    2012-12-28 09:38:25What a pity... He pulled it out right when she was enjoing it the more...


    2012-12-24 13:02:54The bottom part of his cock is off color and so is her ass, but they match so it works out, shes got a pretty meaty pussy yummy. fat cock on him too great cpl

    Dr. Nigel

    2012-12-14 11:29:35I hate to rain on your parade but that cream is the result of a pussy with a yeast infection. Haven't you had enough pussy to know that?

    John Loudermilk

    2012-12-10 15:36:55Some girls cream on my dick and others don't. I have been with some girls where we have been fucking and it looks like I came inside them but I didn't.


    2012-11-01 04:09:21That is good to see a girl going on her boyfriend but why didn't he leave inside


    2012-10-21 14:52:18Oh my gosh! All girls should be built like that!


    2012-06-21 02:20:45Bunny its like when YOU have an orgasm. It's an intense feeling and your body just knowS when you're about to blow your load. You tense up and then you just feel cum gushing out. So good!


    2012-05-25 07:16:24That pussy is creaming like that because it has an enormous vaginal infection. If your girl friends pussy cream like that take then to me! I am a ginecologist hehehehe.


    2012-05-04 19:42:15This video reminds me of a video my step sieter and I did, except I came inside her!


    2012-03-26 11:58:11now that was some good sex...


    2012-03-23 02:03:00Nice flowery pussy.


    2012-02-25 10:29:01What does a guy's dick feel like right before he cums? How does he know when exactly to pull out? It looked like he knew when it was going to happen.


    2012-02-15 20:33:46lei voleva scopare di più....


    February 08, 2012to bad he came before she did cuz i know she woulda busted a fat nut in about 10-15 mins


    January 29, 2012i think he was already coming before he could pull out.

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