gianna michaels

gianna michaels

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2014-03-12 09:44:45gianna you are on my must fuck list


2013-08-30 14:42:23Oh Gianna - you are so far the best and your tits win every big tit competition. Me and every man wants to fuck you


2013-05-07 05:46:15Ron will always be a champ

big guy

2013-04-02 19:52:08i likes dem titties


2013-03-25 09:01:39somebody needs to take their hand of their cock and start educating themself about audio sync..... ffs!

Count Drinkula

2013-01-02 19:42:02Her hair looks nice here. Usually she just has it tied back.

gianna"s lover

2012-07-20 01:04:12every time when i watch her movie i dream that i am fucking her in the movie

Oh Man

2010-11-09 15:55:31Gianna Michael's breasts are a true blessing.

shes the best

September 29, 2011she always gets me hornyy

damn gianna ur sexy

September 26, 2011fuk me


July 26, 2011Not a man on this planet could resist those tits. @God They are far from saggy... They are very large natural breasts and most of it's saginess is from gravity. Wanna see real saggy tits go lk at yr grannys.

Sweeet xD

April 08, 2011Sweeet xD


February 13, 2011awesome! ,) truly.....


November 16, 2010well said jesus (: her tits are saaaggggyyyy. LOL

gianna michael's lover

November 16, 2010marry me


September 27, 2010Thanks for the info Jebus! o.o


August 19, 2010Somewhere in the outer space


July 07, 2010And the rest of the vid is.. where?:/

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