Gay sex in female clothes

Gay sex in female clothes

Length:  16:28


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2013-04-25 18:21:47I wish I could have sex like she


2013-04-15 09:22:14I love to wear female dresses for having sex, and not only for that


2012-11-19 17:53:15As a sissy I almost hate my cock and show it only to other sissies to have some real lesbian sex


2012-08-08 02:20:03funny like hell!!!!!


2012-03-12 11:20:09big daddy, I am also a sissy and prefer to suckcocks than to be sucked myself. We choose the feminine role, would rather forget about our cocks


2013-08-19 09:54:29Correct, mi, as a sissy I don´t love my cock. I like when it is small and soft

big daddy

2012-03-07 13:29:05beautiful sexy to spend the day with her..she needs her cock sucked too


January 19, 2012sharing a real cock wirh her for a blowjob...anch then kiss her and exchange sperm


January 18, 2012Would like to make lesbian love with her, both with soft hanging clits


January 17, 2012@Jonnybi. We sissies want our mates to know and appreciate that we are not biological women

big daddy

January 11, 2012sissyboy knows how to suck cock for sure


January 01, 2012Why do the girls wear such dreadful clothes?


December 15, 2011they are fucking hot,i wish to fuck them both

Nothing better than a Cro

December 06, 2011Crossdressers are the most beauiful Girls


December 02, 2011i dress all girly too. nylon panties, stockings, silky dresses and lots of pretty makeup. secrets in lace has lots of pretty things to where. so much fun to walk on the street and get picked up. i love being told what to do, what to wear, where to walk and how to take of men in the car. i love big cocks.


October 30, 2011i love to dress up too.she needs to paint her nails & toes red like me and suck multiple cock while getting fucked in her glory hole.just like me.


September 14, 2011Would love to lick her ass and then have her cum all over my face and in my mouth - Mmm


August 21, 2011Wearing a red wig, heels, panties, stockings and cute top right now wishing I had a cute boy to pound my cute sissy ass.


June 30, 2011this does not belong in the shemale category GTFO.


June 17, 2011That lovely Tranny I would love to call him mine, my Girlfriend.


June 09, 2011Today I'm a red head, freshly shaved and bathed. I've got on my favorite 4 inch heels and my best black, sheer baby doll, wishing I had someone to share it with.


June 05, 2011Would love to have her with me now, i am very horny right now.

Johnny Boi

June 03, 2011What a hot sissy. I love her skirt, I want one Oh and the sexy stockings too!!. She kisses so good. I love to dress for my boyfriend.

mario aries

December 13, 2010mmmm im rubbin my cok wit lotion wantin 2 rub n kiss her feet n suk her toes


November 30, 2010you here again you can have me anytime hornycd xx

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