Gay Oral Sex and Cum Shower

Gay Oral Sex and Cum Shower

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2013-02-12 04:14:59Very+hot+guys,+they+have+nice+cocks,+awesome!


2012-12-24 00:19:40that guy looks like he HATES the taste of cum...i should be doing that job, not him...!


2012-11-22 19:38:34I would like to be at his place: to feel as a homosexual whore, being humiliated, fucked and cummed by such nice guys. Always with a soft cock, this is real submission


2012-10-19 07:51:07Nothing I would love more Rick.


2012-09-08 20:07:58Wellhung you are my favourite Poster. I wish you were in Sydney Australia. You cud fuck my arse and cum in my mouth everyday.


2012-05-21 13:12:22i want a bunch of guys cum on my face and in my mouth.mostly cum in my mouth.i love the feel of hot cum in my mouth


2012-03-17 17:45:57They boy is really cute but I like when the sucker is really hungry and doesnt miss a drop. he looked bored


August 07, 2012bob...Can't promise an orgy but could cum some massive loads on your face and if you prefer straight into your mouth, would expect you to do the same for me. Love big hard cocks and what they deliver.


January 25, 2012I wish i was there for this i want to fuck to


January 08, 2012i would like to have those guys cum on my face,better yet cum in my mouth.


December 19, 2011Nothing sexier than watching big hard cocks spunking big loads of cum just for you and even better if you swallow it

cum sucker

September 21, 2011wish i was that guy, thats tasty, they all look so deliciouse


August 25, 2011OMG! The first was the best even thou he didnt seem to like it very much lol. He didnt know he was about to cum in his mouth either.


July 26, 2011I wish i was him....


June 06, 2011I've never ha dthat much cum at a time but recently I did suck three guys off in the same day (at different locations)...was a personal best for me...lots of cum

That Guy

May 20, 2011He didnt look like he enjoyed it he looked so uncomfortable


May 03, 2011A cocktail of cums, a real treat


April 28, 2011Budd.....Yea nice but too much cum wasted


March 14, 2011It is exciting for a guy to get the cum from so many guys. It would have been so much better if they aimed for his open mouth. The first shot of cum was a beauty, running down his cheek and finally dripping off his chin. So much of it was wasted.


March 04, 2011i want to taste it if its yummy. im always dreaming to have sex with a man. hmmmm


January 31, 2011mmm i would love 2 taste all that cum we should all hook up n spunk on each other


January 15, 2011 A lot of good cum wasted. Shoot it into my mouth not my face.


January 09, 2011i have had more all over my face and it was soooo good


January 03, 2011So much cum, I couldn't cope I dont think, but maybe like to try it


January 02, 2011Pleaseeee a want to receive a cum shower like thaaat

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