Gang bang fuck with a hot school girl

Gang bang fuck with a hot school girl

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2014-04-09 03:17:32She really should have known getting in a car with 4 guys would end up with jism all over her.


2014-01-07 23:19:23Her name's Zoe, and you can find some pic by googling "Zoe Student Sex Party". Have fun


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2014-02-18 09:35:24You know this is staged right?


2014-04-09 03:16:34Most of these girls are trafficked.


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2013-05-09 17:29:21was hott...but could have been a lot hotter....their cocks are amazing.....

Sex Kid 808

2013-04-20 02:03:57I want to do her


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2013-06-14 00:32:34go write a sex book,we dont care about ur stories


2013-02-11 16:49:39Here she is again with that black dude:


2013-01-28 00:09:26what the name for the sweety girl


2013-01-27 23:59:18what is the girl name she is sweety


2013-01-04 06:50:29When I was in college I tutored a girl who looked a lot like this girl. She was really cute. She just could not get math. She told me if I would do all of her assignments and sit in with her to help (take) her exams for her... (she took them in a study hall) because she had learning disabilities... she would do ANYTHING... I wanted. Well, she had no idea what she was in for. I fucked that girl silly. I fucked her ass, her pussy, titty fucked her, mouth fucked her. I invited my buddies over to fuck her too. One night we ran an 8 person train on her. I have always liked watching black guys with huge cocks fuck cute hot daddy's girls... so... I had 5 brothers from the football team to work her over too one night. I wanted to video tape it, but she said 'no' for fear it would leak out and her family/friends/future bosses would see it. Well... she got an A in math and it was the best semester of my life. She is married now and has 2 kids. I have saw her at our reunion. She told her husband I was the reason she was able to get her degree. She told him I was her tutor. He asked if she was a good student. I said, 'The best I ever had.' I told him she worked harder than anyone I had ever seen for a good grade. I recently found out that she lost her job and was looking for work. I sent her an e-mail and told her I would hire her as my office manager. She drove out to see me and we had lunch then went to a local motel. She starts next week. What a life!


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