Fucking the Neighbors Wife

Fucking the Neighbors Wife

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2013-01-30 14:06:51Not long ago, I got this phone call from the neighbor woman next door. She was embarrassed to call for help, but got her toe stuck in the tub faucett and couldn't get loose. She's a nice looking woman, about 42, and is currently separated. Her kids were at school, and she tried a couple of women neighbors but couldn't get anyone at home. I was off that day, so was able to help. It took a little while to get her toe out of the faucet without creating much pain for her, but then her leg cramped up some after the toe was finally freed. I massaged her legs trying to work the cramps out, she got turned on, grabbed my dick, and I picked her up and carried her to her bed. After that episode, I've been going over about 5 times a week to just check on her.... :-)


2012-02-20 10:12:17give s chance to fuck


2012-02-09 21:04:06Das kleine Fickstueck hat ne richtig geile Fotze!


2012-02-09 05:12:06what a fuck nice fuck


2011-03-19 19:44:10Shes not tory black


December 30, 2011role, oshnn, catch me boy you did not catch me click get the doe


December 25, 2011cute girl for fuck..

Big boy

November 13, 2011i am gay

Mother fucker23

October 19, 2011Nice fucking


July 23, 2011This was ok movie, he beat it up. Agree that he almost ruined the cum shot. But the title "Neighbors wife" Wheres the fantasy? Why nite, Ripped Guy with big dick fucks attractive girl?" i give it a B- good, not great. Sexy body on both of em but massive Deduction for title and him finishing to early. Presentation is everything


June 22, 2011hotttttt


May 31, 2011Lily Carter..thats her name


May 25, 2011Tommy Gunn


April 08, 2011wish my neighbor had a cock like this.


March 22, 2011The young lady's name is Lily Carter.


March 20, 2011Very cute girl. She really knows how to fuck too. Any clips of her getting pounded by huge black cocks? I love watching these cute daddy's girl types get there asses and pussies pounded by big thuggish black guys.


March 19, 2011It's not Tori. Tori has a tattoo of a star on her stomach, this girl has nothing.


March 19, 2011My new neighbor is 27, single and we met a few weeks ago and she resembles this babe with a great body, fine ass and perky tits and great skin. It wasn't long before she invited me in for a few drinks and before long, foreplay was both of us naked and very hot...we tried several positions with doggy style being her favorite, her back arched as she loved being playfully spanked as she looked back as I loved her fine pink asshole winking at me. She was in a threesome with her boyfriend and his hung pal which really got her hot and insatiable for cock and tongues.


March 19, 2011Men, this is an actrice, this is not reality..

Accident waiting to happe

March 19, 2011he almost finished inside and ruined the whole cum shot! 4:17-4:18 you can see the dribble, can be barely called a porn star

his name

March 19, 2011HIs name???

Coke Can

March 19, 2011I got one for you julie


March 19, 2011nice cock i wish he could fuck me


March 19, 2011whats their names?

jo ;)

March 19, 2011tori black

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