Fill My Wife's Mouth With Your Cum

Fill My Wife's Mouth With Your Cum

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2014-01-30 00:25:52I agree with Corrine to a degree. But I know one urge my wife had once was me to watch.. just watch her suck off my friend. We invited him round he knew what he was coming for I met him at the gate, invited him in, he got comfy. "You just watch" my wife said. She pulled his shorts down and set to work. 12/14 minutes later he unloaded in her mouth. I saw no cum whatsoever his cock was embedded deep in her mouth, but it was pretty obvious he was unloading. She kept his cock in her mouth till it softened, when she took it out I asked if he had cum and they both laughed at me. "2 loads" she said, he followed by telling me "fucking big loads too!' She gave his cock another good suck just to make sure she said. he dressed and she walked him to the gate. All over in 20 minutes.


2014-01-11 08:29:47i love to see my girl get so hot she looks drunk from my buddies cum. its not her doin it, it how much she fuckin loves to feel and taste every drop hit her tounge and smiling lips. then i make bable on nasty thank yous


2013-02-23 08:46:49I agree with Corrine's comment : why the husband is so passive ? Each time I 'share' my lovely wife, I do enjoy to see her mouth and her pussy filled with sperm, but afterwards I like to add mine too... Specifically, fucking her pussy which got already one - or even several - loads is always a must for me, and for my wife as well !


2012-12-20 06:05:13Ha ha, her 'husband' looks like is fell asleep. Too bad he can't keep it up for his 'wife'. Nice thick cum from her new stud puppy.


2012-10-16 07:49:53The long-haired guy is the same one playing the husband in one of their other videos. What bullshit. If you're going to pretend to have a narrative, then at least try to make it believable. Otherwise, why bother? In that case, just skip to the fucking and save everyone the bullshit.


2012-09-30 18:57:28where 5 years married........ haha good1 f@@k off


2012-07-08 22:19:03cornutoe contento


2012-06-02 16:22:45To be kissed having her mouth cumfilled was my wife's sincere wish. I refused to do so, as it should not be my own cum. After some time I did notwithstanding. It was a revelation. Most of our fuck parties are ending with sharing cum after her sucking off our common friend. And... he is doing the same. It is marvellous !

tom powers

2012-05-23 00:34:08If you think about it, if you drove a mazda miata all the time you might have a desire for a jeep wrangler 4 by 4. The future folks is the ability to change partners like cars. Why have pizza everyday.

The Hizzle

September 28, 2011Ohhh Penny Flame, a favourite of mine, I have many man many of her movies, mmm


August 24, 2011If she were my wife, I'd give her a big sloppy kiss sharing the cum with her. Then I'd turn her around, grab her by the hair and ass fuck her doggy style while pulling her hair and then cumming deep inside her asshole. Then I'd invite a bunch of buddies over to do the same thing to her.


February 19, 2011lol 2:26 is awesome


December 19, 2010The "wife" is Penny Flame, who is a known porn star


December 13, 2010nice ending


December 04, 2010C'EST PHILIPPE LUCAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 28, 2010Why doesn't the husband clean up that mess?


November 23, 2010The hubby doesnt seem to like it too much! lol!


November 15, 2010anyone wants to fuck my wife !? she loves it in her ass and her pussy and she loves a big load on her chese


November 07, 20102:26 = The guys look is priceless


November 03, 2010i love watching my wife take another dick in her mouth and her pussy it turns me on to hear her moan and she loves it....


September 30, 2010I would love to watch my wife get fucked by a bunch of guys, hen eat out her creamy pussy and ass and fuck her all night long.


September 28, 2010she gives good head

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September 24, 2010if that was my wife i would kick her ass to the curb


August 29, 2010awesome girl


August 28, 2010I dont like ur husband coz he is impotentant but I like to be the other to satisisfy your pleasure

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