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    2014-04-02 03:02:08Can i get her name?

    sex teacher

    2013-09-30 16:53:17Actually whether he knows it or not his fucking technique isn't too bad- when a girl does reverse cowboy she has much greater control and can press the guys penis down so it has better contact with the front of her vagina and g-spot area. But overall his lovemaking could be better. At 14:50 it looks like he might be trying to go the back door or is losing his erection hard to imagine with as compliant a fuck toy as this girl was. I give him a C+, the girl gets a A. she does deserve better but I doubt many men fo whatever size could do better than this guy.

    Lonely guy

    2013-05-28 05:56:10This seems very romantic, I couldn't fap to it I had to watch. How much she wanted it because she's cares about him.

    something wrong

    2013-01-03 06:32:47That guy need more learn how to hard fuck.much better to read sex book to make a good fucker.hahaha...


    2012-12-15 13:58:56The girl was a hot sexy filipina the dude was a dud though and was trying to hard to get a nut instead of just fucking the girl for her pleasure. Oh well.


    2012-10-11 01:42:01joan

    ampalaya boys

    2012-07-13 16:29:58mahina ka waka ka sa ayos mego..........

    Ms.Sexy pussy

    2012-06-25 06:10:09I wish someone can fuck me hard in my pussy like that too...

    No name

    2012-06-14 17:59:27Ang lakas ng loob nung guy wala naman palang ipagmamalaki at mukhang 3inhes lang ang haba. Haha


    2012-04-17 00:29:32haha...taeng video


    2012-03-26 15:44:48Small dick damn !


    2012-02-17 11:13:57Harry potter and the chamber of secrets that's what they were watching


    December 07, 2012Pretty+girls+like+me+can+do+much+much+better+no+doubt.+Too+bad+girls+like+us+with+very+very+lucky+boyfriends+who+can+fuck+us+anytime+they+like+and+dont+get+charged+for+it,+we+girls+keep+it+private.+We+dont+upload+videos.+If+you+want+see+the+REAL+thing,+how+its+really+done,+get+a+girl+and+treat+her+well.+Dont+be+such+animals+that+drool+over+porn+videos.+Its+pathetic.


    December 07, 2012Pretty+girls+like+me+can+do+much+much+better+no+doubt.+Too+bad+girls+like+us,+with+very+very+lucky+boyfriends+who+can+fuck+us+anytime+they+like+and+dont+get+charged+for+it,+we+girls+keep+it+private.+We+dont+upload+videos.+If+you+want+see+the+REAL+thing,+how+its+really+done,+get+a+girl+and+treat+her+well.+Dont+be+such+animals+that+drool+over+porn+videos.+Its+pathetic.


    January 17, 2012maiksi nman ng titi u pre

    liit ng titi!

    January 16, 2012ang liit naman ng titi! ano ba yan!

    Cool Dude

    December 23, 2011Poor video


    November 27, 2011that is the filipino size dick..


    November 04, 2011katabang mana!


    November 03, 2011hahahahha funny


    October 20, 2011That boy has a small dick,, hard to sex,, coz your dick is small what the!? need enlargement?!!

    dakog oten

    October 10, 2011atay burikat mana ang babae...


    September 30, 2011These guys need to learn how to fuck man!!!!

    The Batman

    September 30, 2011JOKER WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!?!

    Baliw kayo

    September 22, 2011Pew panget!! Af

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