English MILF secretary fucks her boss

English MILF secretary fucks her boss

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2013-12-02 23:56:28Damn she truly would be a really hot fuck ! I loved everything about her MILF body, especially the large butterfly winged pussy ! Damn she could fuck some large cocks for sure ............

Naked face

2013-07-21 06:30:20WishIhad secretary like this, she was really good and doing very good job. Know who she is?


2013-07-02 15:46:02I worked with my boss for long hours for a couple of weeks to get a project finished. Since he was much younger than I am and he is my boss I never thought about having sex with him. Near the end of the project I mentioned it would be nice to get back to regular hours and enjoy our families. I said I haven't had sex with my husband since this project started because I am too tired when I get home. He said it has been longer than that for him. I suggested we make up an excuse to go out of town for the weekend and have sex. Since he is the boss we used a company car and went to a fancy hotel and had wild kinky sex for the weekend. The long hours worth it.


2013-05-30 08:54:56My boss is in the UK with one of my colleagues - the office hottie - I hope for him he can fuck her like this.


2013-05-29 13:55:24very nice love the boots

Post as...

2013-04-03 12:00:08i love love


2013-02-21 16:02:04I worked for a company in Dallas and one gal I met in another dept was from the UK. She was a bit older, but still had a sexy body. I drove a company car and one day she asked if I would be willing to drive her and some products over to another location, and I agreed. On the way over, I was asking about if she missed the UK, and she said yes, but there were times when being in the US was the best, and I asked her when that was... and she said well, I can think of you fucking me would be one of those times. Caught me by surprise, but I said that could be interesting. We took care of the official business, but set up a time for us to get together. She liked the fact that I was 15 years younger than her. We fucked several times at her house and then she invited over a fellow female Brit about the same age as her. I had always heard that the British women loved sex, and I got first hand experience that at least these two were really into enjoying fucking.


2013-01-20 16:36:03Awesome pussy lips


2012-12-10 01:59:55Can+u+suck+my+dick+and+can+I+fuck+u+to+

Lorenzo Green

2012-06-30 04:41:42any info on this girl?


2012-04-21 22:25:07hes eats out well ;-)


2012-04-15 14:08:56Mein ehemaliger Chef hat mich auch so gevögelt. Immer Freitag nach Feierabend auf der Besuchercouch. :-))


2012-03-11 13:22:22That guy is really delicious. I want him now!


January 19, 2012A lovely pearl necklace he gave her at the end,made me jealous, any well endowed guys out there who could oblige..


January 10, 2012DAMN this dude is yummy!! Are their any other clips with him.


January 02, 2012Finally a guy who doesn't need to jerk off himself in order to cum! He just pounded, put his cock between her perfect tits and shot a nice load onto her! That's the way to it!


November 28, 2011I don't know her, who is she?


September 20, 2011My wife's best mate was a secretary and used to fuck all her bosses, I used to wank off thinking about her cute little arse getting banged to fuck. She told me once that she also fucked a famous rock star,


September 18, 2011any ladies in lincs uk, need good sexy fun???

Brit Guy

August 18, 2011There is some great sex in this but is there a hornier shot than 2.30?? What a fantastic ass!


August 05, 2011Damn who wants to help me jack off my dick


July 11, 2011Love to see secretaries getting fucked by their bosses


June 04, 2011this guy is very hot :O

fuck that

May 30, 2011good


May 26, 2011great guy licking!!!!i want to suck pussy like him!!!

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