Double Teamed by my Husband and Friend

Double Teamed by my Husband and Friend

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2014-04-21 12:32:19I would like kundiyadi


2013-11-08 16:33:00I let my Arab wife fuck her ex black BF all the time! Love watching her get fucked hard!


2013-10-28 01:19:37So the "friend" is actually fucking her ass at the end? With the angle it's a little hard to tell.

Go 3

2013-09-09 02:19:11I have been doing this for the last 8 months. I love 3-somes. My wife was nervous but now we do it all the time whether it is another guy or chick. We get into it big time and get happy.


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2013-07-03 05:05:19Their all beautiful all 3 but what stands out is her personality she really is enjoying herself!


2013-06-12 00:05:11Just the other night we had one of our friends over for a threesome, I told him I'd swallow his load, I surprised him when he said he was about to cum to put it keep it in and give me a creampie! His smile was from ear to ear, wish this video had done the same.


2013-05-27 20:15:42There is nothing better than having another hard cock waiting for you when one is done =)


2013-04-27 22:15:50i dont think she wanted that load in her mouth she looked at him like wtf good for him though


2013-04-22 00:20:20Yes Johnny getting double fucked is great, I tell my married girlfriends to try it cause your husband will love it. Two hard cocks taking turns in my hot pussy is oh so good. So much cum in my fuck hole I love it.


2013-03-01 00:15:55who+wants+to+fuck+my+girl+ewit+me


2013-02-15 22:20:28Yeah Johnny try letting the guy lick your wife's ass hole, my husband loves looking at that. My lover would spread my ass and lick and tongue my hole, it feels so good and so obscene. After a good fucking and cumming in my pussy, I would spread my legs for my husband to see the cum flowing out my pussy.He loves it , I love it. to show my husband the cum flowing out my vagina.he loves it, I love it.


2013-01-30 19:39:53stunning cunt x


2013-01-29 11:21:06I do this all the time with my husband, no big deal, all wives should be doing this it will make your marriage better. Get a younger man with a big cock.


2013-07-26 15:33:47When shall I call around Vanessa?


2013-01-27 14:42:45I+wanna+fuck+too..+I+can+take+a+dick+whole+in+my+mouth


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2012-12-05 08:21:34this woman is AMAZING and these guys fucking suck. did they just read an article about humping and thought they'd film their first attempt? what a waste.

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