double pussy penetration creampie

double pussy penetration creampie

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2013-11-15 17:33:39Two cocks in the pussy : it's a very nice wonderful situation. I can say that as I was happy to perform it several times with my husband and a friend... Both were also fully satisfied.


2013-10-05 16:24:51Hornylisa I would love to help you out 27 with a thick 8 1/2 cock and shoot giant loads of jizz


2013-08-28 15:39:56me encanta...


2013-05-19 10:44:08LOVE IT!!!


2013-04-13 04:47:36the best¡¡¡¡


2013-03-15 01:26:26i love 2 cocks filling my cunt together. i explode like mt etna. my cunt is still throbbing from this vid. i need cock now.


2013-02-11 11:45:50Kevin, you sound like my boyfriend :). he also loves the feeling of an other cock rubbing to his and feel him shooting his cum all over his inside my pussy makes him cum instantly. As a woman I can add, there is nothing better in the world than getiin your pussy fucked by two horny guys at the same time and feel them cum deep inside. unfortunatlely our friend with benefit moved to an other city. now we are looking for a guy who wants to have some fun. maybe someone is interested? we are 25/28 years old, slender waisted and horny :)


2013-02-07 17:59:05Every time I watch one of these double vag videos, especially one as well filmed as this one, it's like a shot of viagra straight to my cock, remembering all the times my buddy and I did this with his gf. She loved it as much as we did and the feeling of his cock rubbing on mine, then shooting his load inside her all over mine was the trigger to setting me off almost instantly.

Carl O

2013-01-21 18:03:10Apart from actually having sex, the hardest I have ever cum is while watching this video!!!!


2013-01-15 12:57:22very very nice, soooo yummy i wish that was my cunt filled with those two delicious cocks and having them exploding inside me like that. my cunt is still throbing from watching that video - good one girl! very yummy


2012-10-23 18:49:45So want two loads in my ass at once


2012-05-19 03:58:08i left my wife cause she didnt want to fuck other men for some reason im satisfied when my partner is satisfied ive always been able to pick up hot chicks so there never was an issue there i want a girl that will wear white shirt no bra skirt no pantys and fucks anyone who shows interest in her wish i could record all encounters for show and tell maybe oneday i can give u a creampie i wanna be last theirs nothing more stimulating then fucking ur wifes cumfilled beat up pussy

Hot hot hot

2012-05-16 10:52:38I`ve watched this clip 100 times and I`m still getting hot every time I watch. I love it!!!!


2012-05-11 10:53:00yummy mummy is absolutely right ! There is a tremendous good feeling when your friend starts cumming against your dick and my wife confirms her feeling being simply immense. earlier fuck 'methods' didn't lead to eat cum afterwards, but after the first time double penetration my friend and I both licked her cumfilled cunt. It's marvelous. Even visits of our friend are more regular since and we have talks on the feeling beforewe start again. Even cock sucking is stimulated by my wife.


2012-03-09 15:16:38I sooooo wanna do this but I would lick her out afterwards too ;-)

yummy mummy

2012-02-19 01:02:44ive watched this clip 7 times and it still makes my pussy pulsate and my legs tremble. Ive seen many porno clips but this tops it. Nothing like a porno when you can hear them enjoying it instead of fronting for the camera.


December 04, 2011are they french?


November 17, 2011I love to have two cocks in my pussy


October 29, 2011Mmmmm. My fav to watch. So hot.


July 12, 2011ufffffffffffff que rico dos pollas frotandose y mojandose de semen mutuamente delicioso

vincen and Donna

June 11, 2011This video is great. We love to do this, together and with our swing friends. There is nothing hotter. Thank you for shareing. V and D


May 19, 2011This was Good!


April 28, 2011Hey Guys!! I would love to do that with you!! Where are you??? I'm coming!!


April 04, 2011I would LOVE to do this with my wife. It would be soo hot to feel another hard cock explode against mine. I would instantly cum when I felt him erupt. Then he and I continue to shoot our loads and pump our cum soaked cocks in and out of her for a little while longer. After we boh pull out, I'd like to have her rub our cream drenched cocks together with a hand as she strokes out the last remaining drops and then lick us clean.


March 28, 2011Me and my wife are swingers and have been doing so for a few years, I have been wanting to try DVP for sometime now it is such a turn on to watch. Can't wait to try it out for myself!!!

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