Doing my wifes little sister (clip)

Doing my wifes little sister (clip)

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    October 09, 2011wish the lighting didn't suck


    September 22, 2011I was dating this girl in high school (we were both 11th grade). One night I was over at her house cause her parents had to go out of town and they asked me to watch over their house and take care of both their daughters. My gf's younger sis (9th grade) got "scared" when a bad thunder storm blew in and she jumped in bed with my gf and me... and somehow wiggled in between us. She faced her sister but backed her ass into me and moved around enough so that my dick was between her legs (she had no panties). She was wet and I'm pretty sure my gf knew what was going on, but she didn't stop it.

    kickass girl

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    September 07, 2011ride that cock


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    January 18, 2011nice video

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