Daughter Watches Her Mom Get Ass Fucked

Daughter Watches Her Mom Get Ass Fucked

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2014-01-16 15:20:30love watching this wish i was him so i could fuck the older women. I love the mother and put my cum in her wet pussy


2013-08-30 05:21:34Holy shit, looks like Skyler and Jessie from Breaking Bad. ;)


2013-06-28 21:01:56My girlfriends step mom is more horny than both of us. My girlfriend knew her mom was coming past the house when she was gone looking for a quick fuck. I get horny around women with large boobs and my girlfriends step mom has large boobs. She must have been the one to teach her step daughter to suck because if I was blindfolded I could not tell the difference.


2013-03-15 13:55:23bra wt a a a this is all omg

.... grt

2013-02-05 12:49:53awsome


2013-02-05 05:49:52WOW!!!


2013-01-29 04:19:05Jim, I agree with you the mother is realy hot. I have always liked older women. She can realy suck cock realy good too. An I am not sure when his wife came back like how she got on the back of the chair and he started licking her. An the daughter was egging her mom on to take it more and more. I think maybe for awhile the daughter wanted her mother to suduce her husband. An from what the mother said she had made the rounds of her daughter other sisters husbands too and she realy enjoys it too. Hey mom can you and suck my cock too?

I read the comments more than I watch the porn

2013-01-12 03:00:01I am only posting here to say that the Ron Burgandy Comment above was friggin hilarious...I have not laughed that hard in a while. There are some real comedic gems hidden in the comments of these videos.... *ahem* anyways.... yah. Good vid.


2013-01-05 22:52:32Wow, So Sexy!


2012-11-18 21:11:43Dam she one hot looking older lady and i have a dream i would be some day fucking this lady i know and her name is Jody how much i would love to fuck her and Linda evern both of them


2012-11-10 16:31:48Leave a comment... i LOVE youporn!!

7 Jerks & a Squirt

2012-11-06 03:43:57I would have liked to see how daughter giot in mix

Ron Burgundy

2012-10-31 21:36:36that really escalated quickly!

Post as...

2012-10-31 19:42:18Leave a comment...no carga rapido esa buevada


2012-10-31 16:24:37The mom is really HOT, and takes that cock all the way down her throat and ass. I want her.


2012-10-31 05:03:32So hott!!!!!


2012-10-31 02:49:57I would fuck her till my dick says stop

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