Daughter Catches Mom Getting ASS FUCKED

Daughter Catches Mom Getting ASS FUCKED

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2014-04-14 17:25:53By the way, I would never let a woman suck my dick just after I fucked her ass. We would always wash up before... too many ways to cause health problems later.... pussy juice is ok for her to have, but not suck a dick after being ass fucked.


2014-01-22 05:25:17My gf's mom caught us fucking in her bedroom. She made me get up and go sit in the living room while she had a talk with her daughter. Then she came out to talk with me, but you could tell she was "worked up" but not in a bad way. While she was telling me that she would have preferred that we used a rubber, she started rubbing my dick. I rubbed her pussy and then she was on her back on the couch and she pulled my dick into her pussy. While we were fucking, I mentioned that we weren't using a rubber and she said yeah I know, but I wasn't going to pass this up to go find one. I told her that's what happened with her daughter, we were caught up in the moment and didn't think about a rubber... she just laughed ... mom wasn't worried about getting pregnant (she had been "fixed" a couple of years earlier) but she didn't want her daughter to get preggie and neither did I.... so I fucked mom more than I did the daughter


2014-03-12 21:25:54Lucky


2014-01-06 08:01:25video nicely done.

Big Boy

2013-12-19 17:32:43If I was that bloke I would have given the daughter a good fucking too, that would have shut her up, then sharing my cum over the two of them


2013-10-11 19:40:04I love how the daughter calls the mom a slut and a whore, when she's the one rubbing her clit in the background. xD


2013-09-07 15:38:54Shit man those viedos are so tasty


2013-07-21 00:16:35I wanna uck a girl in the ass

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