Dark haired girl gets raunchy with boyfriend

Dark haired girl gets raunchy with boyfriend

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    2014-04-16 18:40:43This is still one of my favorites.... and a lot of my women friends like it as well


    2013-09-17 05:37:55i wanne fuck here too =)


    2013-02-19 00:50:12I like this clip, and I've used it a couple of times to get girls in the mood/ I had it in the background on my computer on my desk. I bring a woman back to my place so we can just kick back, relax, and have fun. I tell them that if they need to check email, etc, that they can use my computer which is in the office area. They go back, do some emails, see the flashing light at the bottom with the heading Dark haired girl gets raunchy with her BF... they click on it, watch it, then come back to where I am and get really lovey dovey... I know they watched it based on what they want to do... it's the best foreplay to the real foreplay. Wish I had thought of doing this much earlier in my dating lol


    2013-01-15 14:56:08hot woman, nice body, obviously loves to fuck.... would take her on any time.... similar a a friend's sister I had back in college....


    2012-11-13 03:33:03Come trombo stesso modoq


    2012-09-25 15:45:16muhahaha


    2012-07-22 07:05:20this bitch is off the hook..i swear little more and she wouldve barked_lmfao

    gangster (from the 80's band)

    2012-04-21 06:05:37my wife would love this


    2012-02-23 08:33:59fit guy with nice cock but he seemed to take lot of effort to cum.


    February 06, 2012This girl reminds me of a girl that was in my high school chemistry class. We were taking inventory in the back room, and she kept bumping into me. I got hard (of course) cause she had that nice round ass this one has. Then she reached over to feel my hard, decided we needed to work on some "biology". We did leave the lab area though because it wasn't private enough. She liked to fuck, just like this one does.


    November 18, 2011Nice vid would luv to fuck that pussy


    November 11, 2011Boner alert


    October 23, 2011Guarraaaaa

    sucky cock

    October 15, 2011i wanna make luv wth u


    September 18, 2011Back again, and nephew's wife again invited me over while nephew was gone on a business trip. She tells me that he's so tied up in his job that he never pays any attention to her, which is a huge mistake because this woman loves to fuck. She also loves to try new things and I'm happy to help her out.


    September 13, 2011so hot. incredible.


    August 18, 2011If she had red hair, she would be like my nephew's wife who I caught watching porn and rubbing herself. No one else was home and she let me know she had been wanting to fuck me for the past 5 years, so I figured I better take her up on that thought. She was like this one, took a while to get her going, but once she got into the groove, I had to work to keep up lol great fuck


    July 30, 2011here's another video of her : http://www.youporn.com/watch/349850/mature-woman-with-big-tits-has-good-sex/?from=related3&al=11&from_id=307553&pos=1


    July 16, 2011the face he had while she was sucking him off in the beginning


    July 16, 2011She completely changes once they begin fucking. From a so-so "eh" face to a really intense, totally sexual animal. Thumbs up.


    June 21, 2011she is the hottest, best fuck ever. i would love to let her fuck me.


    June 19, 2011you can also see her in mature woman with big tits has good sex same girl


    June 19, 2011good fuck


    June 10, 2011I Would Lick That Pussy Dry


    April 08, 2011I wonder if she knows her boyfriend is screwing a happy camper?

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