DaneJones Erotic massage drives young girl wild

DaneJones Erotic massage drives young girl wild

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2013-07-18 09:48:20Oooooo - she is so nice. It makes me want to do it - here I cum. Lucky man.


2013-06-05 20:42:07LAST CALL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


2013-04-25 14:04:12Where are you people? Aren't you the ones that like to read about what other people have done in their past......Let's do it..Askkkkkk.......


2013-04-21 03:41:29Come on somebody, let's have some fun and and get a hard dick or a wet pussy just from talking....


2013-04-21 01:13:56Come on, let's have some fun getting horney together................


2013-04-17 19:05:47Also, if you like hairy pussies, she has one.......And something else, about the coach......he was 31 and married when she was a senior in highschool.....Think he loved her tight pussy? One other tid bit, he stopped by our house to say hello 19 years later.......Interested in what happened next?


2013-04-17 13:31:50Well, it's a story about my wife when she was in 12th grade and her basketball coach......He looked like a movie star.....She was a smart, beautiful girl with little tits and the very best butt I have ever seen before or since. I mean it moves when she walks, like the song "babys got her blue jeans on".. If anyone is interested in the details, ask me and I will tell you what happened then and 18 years later..............I love sharing, Jared


2013-04-03 14:57:49I left a long comment 3 days ago amd it hasn't shown up as of yet.........Should I try again?

Female in KY

2013-03-13 23:51:49They look almost as if they are in love. Really adds to it. They work well together. Would like to see more movies from them.


2013-02-13 13:08:29When I was in college, a section in a course in Kinesiology involved massage (several styles). When I visited my aunt (15 years younger than my mom), she asked about school, I told her about this course where we learned a few things about massage, and she said, well I could use a good massage, so practice on me. Now my aunt is a very nice looking woman, so I figured.. why not. We started out with her in shorts, t-shirt, panties.. but no bra. After a while, was rubbing the small of her back and work down to just inside the shorts. She raised her hips, asked to slide her shorts off... soon the t-shirt came on, and then the panties. I had some baby oil that I was using and she just loved it. Before long, I was working her nipples, and she guided my hand down to her pussy. After rubbing her for about 15 minutes where she squirmed, moaned, and keep saying fuck me, I finally slide my dick in and it was a wild fuck from there... nothing like the college girls... this woman knew how to work it. I visited her often after that and my mom thought it was great that her sister and I were getting along so well... we use to fight all the time before.


2013-02-12 14:52:54she really knows how to move

the very very best

2013-02-11 02:22:55i love this video the best of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2013-02-08 07:43:53OH MY PENIS WHERE SO GREAT

crazy scorpion

2013-02-06 19:47:55very sexy n hot girl

Fuck her

2013-01-26 18:00:56Superb moves of girl...

Very nice

2013-01-24 21:41:20She is beautiful. Very rare in these movies


2013-01-23 05:37:58nice fuck

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