DaneJones Big tits, beautiful sex, sticky wet pussy

DaneJones Big tits, beautiful sex, sticky wet pussy

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2014-04-13 20:23:37I would like to be like this guy and be able to get all of the great sex he gets. I would like to be able to fuck all the beautiful women he does, especially if I can cum in their sweet pussies.


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2014-01-14 23:58:34That was a beautiful film to watch. They both acted as they were in love with each other. Connie is a very lovely girl. She has a gorgeous body with a nice shaved pussy. Good to see the male also shaved his pubic hair


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2013-07-14 21:03:09Still a better love story than twilight

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2013-06-03 14:53:14Wow! An amazing video! I always wished someone would make an adult video that just showed a man & woman making love the way a real couple would, who were in love and enjoying an intimate romantic time together. An now I've found it! Also, I love the fact that this video doesn't use the old "porno" format with cheezy "porn" music that is distracting because it's either too loud or too annoying. Another thing that makes this a great video, is that it appears "real". By that, I mean it doesn't come off "fakey" with everything exaggerated like some of the chicks having such large silicone boobs that they look like beach or basket balls that are so big it makes me wonder how they keep from getting a black eye with those thigns! Also, the talking during the sex is a turnoff when its faked, like the woman saying "Ooooh, baby, com'on give it to me, I'm sooo horney (or hot) and then the whole time they're going at it she like says over and over and over, "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..." It want to grab a sock and stuff it in her mouth!!! (or maybe see some guy shut her up by shoving his big cock in her mouth so she can't talk! Anyway, bottom line: this video and ony others like it are tops in my book!!!!! The only thing I would like to see them do is let the guy cum inside the chick. I tried the the "porn" thing with my wife abd pulled out to cum on her and it was very dissatisfying for me and my wife said that it took away the best part for her. (She often squeals with delight when I shoot my load in her already hot and dripping wet pussy! So I'd like to see the reaction of these babes when the guy pops her with his full load. Besides, I don' see what the big turn-on is when they film that anyway. Doesn' do a thing for me or my wife... (Overall, I would score this vid a 9 out of 10!


2013-06-01 08:55:37i want to fuck that girl .


2013-05-12 15:59:41Wow! She is gorgeous! Wow! N i love it,not vulgar at all.in fact they both had very good chemistry


2013-04-29 11:02:47angel girl.... i wanna fuck this girl, vry romantic !!!


2013-04-19 10:05:11Best of all


2013-04-15 23:01:12God, just look at her. I wouldn't last a minute. She's be like, "You're cumming already?! I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet!"


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