Dad Catches Babysitter Jennifer White Masterbating

Dad Catches Babysitter Jennifer White Masterbating

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2014-01-19 15:11:27cummed


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2013-03-07 02:35:08anyone else notice how most of the fantasy comments posted here describe the porn above.....


2013-02-05 15:45:04anyone else think the "dad" is creepy. I was dating a single mom and she had a 19 yr babysitter who took care of her little boy when we went out. Once we stopped by the house to pick up something my date forgot, and I just ran in to get it, knowing where the item was left. I went in through the kitchen door and then out into the den area, and there was the babysitter, on the couch, legs propped up, watching a porno, and working her pussy... she immediately tried to cover up, I told her not to worry, I wouldn't tell on her, but would like to see her at a more convenient time, and she agreed. When I got back to the car, my date asked how things were and I said that it seemed pretty quiet to me... her son was in bed asleep and the babysitter was watching tv... I did get with the baby sitter a few times after that.

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2012-09-21 23:31:55Well then..


2012-09-13 17:34:52Where was the wife all this time... lol.... surely not sitting in the car waiting for the hubby to find his "wallet". Too contrived, would have been better to have the wife catch them fucking. On the other hand, he would be pretty stupid to fuck with his wife sitting outside in the car, why not set up a time and meet later... oh well


2012-08-06 17:23:20She is beautiful. And will be in tonight's fantasies .


2012-08-01 11:06:33Who is she?


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2012-07-29 20:00:30brava ragazza, fa due lavori , la babysitter molto dolce e innocente , e la porcellina che succhia i peni esi fa penetrare dalsuo "capo", davvero complimenti a lei e ai genitori :)


2012-07-29 18:03:06been caught a few times while babysiting and i always end up getting a good hard fuck


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July 29, 2012Wow something like that really happened to me last Christmas. I was visiting my dad and his neighbor asked me to babysit so they could go to a company Christmas party. After putting the kids to bed, I got lonely thinking my boyfriend. I fantasized about his hard cock fucking my shaved 19 year old pussy ( He is 25 year old grad student with a 9" tool.) I was sitting on the couch with my fingers deep inside me when the wife comes home. She scolds me for not being more descrite and informs me that "punishment" would be to have her make me cum in her bedroom. I agreed to take my punshment. I had never been with a woman and she was a milf of 45 who looked ten years younger. Once in her bedroom, she kissed my pussylips slowly. The she made long strokes of her tongue over ny pink folds. Needless to say by the time her fingers entered me I was ver wet, She licked and sucked and softly ticked my clit for a good ten minutes without a break I was ready to scream so loud that she was forced to shove her panties in my mouth. The tought

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