Cumshot Compilation

Cumshot Compilation

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    2014-01-24 12:26:14love that girl..shes a trooper..anytime anyplace..awesome !!


    2013-12-26 00:54:00Whats the name of the girl? does she fuck in some movies?


    2013-07-04 01:27:31Dagny is so hot, I've wanted to paint her face for YEARS!


    2013-05-02 23:49:10awesome


    2013-04-26 18:38:08That same chick was in a lot of these clips, and almost every time he power-sprayed it into her right eye-ball. If you want me to drain you balls, you'd better keep it out of my eye.... I like it power- sprayed down my throat.


    2013-03-23 18:11:20Lucky, got your member in hand? Mine is still twitchin an drippin after a serious splattering of white sauce to the hotty at 15.54 with the saucer of cum. Thank you YP Girls


    2013-02-07 23:18:40Heather is the best!!!!!


    2013-01-18 14:48:39Is that Dagny?


    2013-01-15 21:52:41Ich würd ihr auch liebend gern in ihr süßes Gesicht spritzen


    2013-01-06 23:36:36Wix, so lang du wixen kannst // wixe alle Tage // 0b du im Jenseits wixen kannst // ist eine andere Frage

    Lucky Wanker

    2013-01-03 12:40:07My third wank this year lasted a litte longer than usual. I mostly ejaculate after about 4 minutes, if I wank without interruption. Today I thougt I‘d never cum. However, I had a beautiful orgasm after constant jerking at 17:15, i.e. it took men over 15 minutes to shoot my load off. I'm exhausted. BIBILDO - Glad, you shot off a lot. Keep stiff and get on with our hobby. I love the youporn girls and the cock ejaculations.


    2013-01-02 14:46:16lucky wanker; where are you-- must be jerkin, cause you havn't posted anything in awhile. i'm at it again, my second of this early day, an its gonna be a gr8 day of seein the beauties of yp doin what 'cums' natural. where would we be if not for yp and cum?


    2012-12-31 16:53:37LUCKY WANKER; i wack it more than you i'll bet, but try rubbing your jizz on your face, and you'll know why these gals love it... feels fuckin niiiiiiice, i do 1 a day and have a nice complexion and no stress...


    2012-11-24 04:08:45i nedd girl at 11p:30


    2012-09-10 07:17:16what a women many men, so little time

    big fuckin load

    2012-09-08 16:22:08is there any women like this in rochester ny to take my big load of cum? if so get back,

    big load bill

    2012-09-06 19:20:53can i give you a huge load of cum? where are you from????? much love baby,,,,,,

    Angelina (19yrs)

    2012-09-04 11:37:28Here I am. Thanks for your cumjuice you dedicate to me. Keep stiff and let your cum shoot out off your 9'' cock.


    2012-08-24 11:56:25angellina, im still lookin for you, ive got some sweetness for you, anybody know her? tell her im lookin for her!!!


    2012-08-09 19:39:04angelina, are you in new york? i shoot BIG loads, i want to show you, 9" and thick, all for you if you get back to me,,,,,,,Bill

    Angelina (19yrs)

    2012-07-23 11:23:36bill -- Read my comment of March 8 below and you'll find out that I am that woman you're looking for. Now jerk off and think of me when you shoot off. I'd love watching you doing it.


    2012-06-14 13:02:40why cant i find a woman like that?????? i love giving cum shots to the face,,,,,,,,if you know any woman like that that let me know,,,,,,,,,,,i will make it worth your wile,,,,,,,REALLY!!!!! Bill

    Lucky Wanker

    2012-04-22 22:51:34My wank here today was very successful. Less than 3 minutes "work".


    2012-04-21 07:05:14I like the part when he jizzes on her face and she sucks it up

    Fred Flintstone

    2012-04-16 00:42:53Fred loves a cute girl getting hosed and being a willing sword swallower but the sword in this video was aaa... well... a little lacking in the sword department. How did a dude with a teeny pecker like that get a nice hot chick like this!??? There's hope my friends...there is hope. Thumbs down to the video though...

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