Cumshot - extreme close up slow motion

Cumshot - extreme close up slow motion

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    2014-04-17 19:30:18I'd turn bisexual if it meant I'd get to suck that much cum! I don't know why, but I'm really turned on by cum, even my own! Must be that incredible combo of hot, sweet, sticky, and creamy.


    2014-03-26 16:19:04that so cool watching him cum. I love watching guys cum

    Hispanic bear

    2014-02-09 00:12:40Would love to be feed daily like this. So delicious.


    2014-02-05 19:30:48That looked really good. A massive load.


    2014-02-01 14:14:58Awesome cock and lots of cum. I would swallow all that for him!


    2014-01-12 15:04:10This is an amazing climax. I wish I could help you get there! Such a hot load... Mmmmm.


    2014-01-12 15:00:06My God. I would take that all down my throat.


    2014-01-11 08:07:26that looks DELICIOUS!!


    2014-01-04 17:18:03should be loaded in my ass.


    2013-12-16 20:09:54Wow. That was hot!! I love to see it just pour out like that. That is a LOT of cum!


    2013-12-07 16:22:20What a beautiful bum shot but wasted should be in my mouth can taste the cum now !!


    2013-08-12 09:23:28wish my mouth collecting all that delicious sex juice yum


    2013-07-24 04:15:02Nice! Great camera work!


    2013-05-23 06:10:22Fucking magical watching this dude push his juice out of that great little hole. Great to be a man and do this stuff!


    2013-05-07 11:31:47Ejaculation in front of a camera is quite normal. Personnaly I very often do it in public in appropriate locations... My wife and me are always very proud about such a successful performance. I use to jerk off in front of males, females and couples. In the best conditions, I do like to ejaculate twice (without stop) if I can ! Some men are able to demonstrate that more regularly than me, they are lucky.


    2013-05-05 14:21:08I love watching this and making my dick cum too. I would love to be in a move and make my dick cum like this guy


    2013-03-24 15:50:17I'd love to be this close to a cumshot. No chance of it missing my mouth.


    2013-02-11 05:00:58loved every second of this video


    2012-12-31 09:32:20You can almost taste that load of fun cum

    Post as...arty

    2012-12-24 21:06:01Leave a comment...mia moglie รจ sempre su questo sito quando la colgo di sorpresa la trovo semprre con le mani o un dildo nella mutandina poi tocca a me e al mio vicino di casa spegnerne i bollori


    2012-12-19 17:47:26Hey "thatsme" ! Love this one and agree with Horny Andy and Howie. Your "jerking off cumshot slow motion" is one of my 2 favorites on this site! IN fact I just jerked off to it (for about the 5th time since I found it a couple of weeks ago. That is a classic, must-see for we (gay or straight) who like to watch a guy jerk off and cum like you do SO well.

    horny andy

    2012-12-15 06:32:20I love how the piss slit opens up just before the cum shoots with every spurt. I could watch this video all day long


    2012-12-03 00:29:11It makes me want cum in my mouth


    2012-11-20 00:01:46OMG great cumshot! I like when we see this beautiful juice men!


    2012-05-12 01:40:29Wow, really nice seeing a cock cum real closeup. I like it when it just runs out !!

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