cum in my mouth

cum in my mouth

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    2014-03-20 07:43:54Ivan sums it up beautifully, nothing compares to having a juicy big hard cock cumming a massive load into your mouth as you continue to suck except perhaps shooting a big load into your buddies mouth.


    2014-03-04 01:43:11Love the way this guy talks. Sounds like he hasn't cum in days. He is a hot southern cowboy who just got done licking his horse's asshole.


    2013-10-22 14:08:36I've watched this video for many years now and it never fails to get me off. I do love women so however I love to give and receive head from men. It's to bad us for us closet cocksuckers, who don't want anal or even have an emotional relationship with a man, can't occasionally give head without being identified as gay.


    2014-01-05 12:50:44I completely agree with you. I love women but I also luv sucking dick. I don't care about fucking guys or having a relationship with men. I just luv sucking on a fat huge dick. I guess that makes me a Closet Cocksucker too. :)


    2014-03-18 18:51:50TX-Straight & LonelyGuy027 I agree totally with U guys I love fucking beautiful girls but oral sex with a guy is something completely different, not one for anything anal with either sex but do love to 69 and if it's with a handsome big hard cock boy then it's special. Being sucked off and pumping cum into another guys mouth and continuing to suck during and afterwards is the greatest of sexual pleasure, Love the taste of cum.

    Big black dick

    2013-09-13 17:25:04I am next so he can eat my cum I shoot a lot of cum


    2013-09-09 17:59:04Gawddamn love this guys voice he puts the RED in redneck

    ten inches

    2013-06-28 12:04:46Love that huge cum load . That would have been great with amyl .


    2013-05-11 06:59:32those balls are lovely too


    2013-04-05 20:34:04i like to suck and eat that cum


    2013-02-23 13:24:15thats what i'm talking about. what a nice hard cocks and his hot cum looks so yummy.i would like to swallow his hot cum.

    que hermosa pija llenandole de leche en la boca. Amo la leche!

    2013-02-07 01:37:54Leave a comment...

    am straight

    2012-12-14 08:03:53and i really want to try sucking a big cock want someone to cum in my mouth


    2012-12-02 03:18:59cazzo, poteva succhiarlo meglio.... chi succhia sembra che ha le mani legate dietro la schiena

    The Critic

    2012-09-28 12:39:35The ammount of typos in this thread proves two things. #1 Typing while your mind is trying to multi task you jacking off is very hard. #2 This video is very good and makes people cum.


    2012-09-26 13:20:59i never get tired of watching this guy suck the cum from the other guys cock.


    2012-09-04 18:28:48hey sucker or nj where in nj ? i am a horny cock sucker i think


    2012-09-04 06:26:22great blow job im jel of him


    2012-09-01 17:47:41i watch this video everyday.then i go to my friends house and have them both cum in my mouth,i just love the taste and feel of hot thick creamy cum in my mouth.


    2012-08-30 21:41:24nj oh yea i would but i dont have a mustash or beard just nice soft lips


    2012-08-27 02:10:42i got a cock lik that needle dick and i livr close u u


    2012-08-11 04:44:35best cocksucker


    2012-07-16 15:00:44IF I COULD FIND A COCK LIKE THAT TO SUCK I WOULD STOP CUMMING IN MY OWN MOUTH IM NOT COMPLAINING JUST WANT SOMETHING DIFF hey sucker i live in pa on the nj border but dont tell anyone

    cum eater

    2012-07-05 13:10:03every time i watch this guy cum in his mouth,i wish it were me eating his cum.


    2012-07-05 06:03:46ilike to suck that cock

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