Cuckold cleanup

Cuckold cleanup

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2014-03-28 14:49:20The cuckold should be naked and display his small white cock


2014-03-25 14:45:02Same thing happened last month. Hubby can't get hard I found someone who could. At least I talked to Steve before hand and he understood and did it in front of him. Now its a weekly thing with different guys.

Enya W.

2014-02-05 19:08:54My boyfriend called me on his way home from work not too long ago. He said that he would be home shortly and that I should greet him dressed up in my sluttiest outfit. So, I dressed up in my punker outfit--his favorite--complete with ripped stocking and platform boots and waited on the couch. This was something new and I kefp getting hotter and hotter, barely able to keep my hands off my nethers. When I heard the key turn in the lock, I almost came, I was so excited. When the large, muscular black man preceed my boyfriend through the door, my first reaction was one of terror, I mean since I was dressed up like a two dollar whore ready to go before a strange man (with an enormous bulge in his pants). "You weren't kidding," he commented lustily to my boyfriend. I asked my boyfriend what the hell was going on and he replied, "This is Emilio, and he's going to fuck you", to which I mentally pumped my fist and yelled an emphatic "Yeeeesssss!" It turns out my boyfriend had come home the day before and caught me unaware, while I was enthusiastically masterbating to some big black dicks on YouPorn and begging to taste their cum. Some men give flowers, mine gave me Emilio and-OHMYGOD-it was the best present I had ever gotten. He was the definition of a sex machine. His 11" cock never got soft even after cumming on me and in me so many times I lost count and he never left me hanging-when he came, he made sure I did until I finally had to say I couldn't take it any more. I was worn out, but not so worn out that I couldn't give my boyfriend the blow job (with swallow, of course) of his life as a small token of appreciation.

Steve B.

2013-11-26 18:41:41I would love for a big black guy to fuck my girls brains out while I watch. Black cock is just so hot! I would clean all of his cum out of her pussy and swallow it all. The only thing is that I would want suck his big black dick clean too. Mmmmmmmmmm!


2014-03-28 14:47:54Same here, Steve. Some humiliation because of black superiority than enjoying it fully


2013-10-21 14:56:06Como eu gostava de assistir a uma Foda dada por um negro na Minha Mulher.


2013-08-27 20:46:23when my wife is shared i always suck his cock but he exploads in her pussy after that i lube my ass for him and he pounds me till i say come in my ass its yours you own it come all men here that they come in me like crazy me and my wife are in competion whos better its about 50-50 but they tell me privately my ass is the best .we both love sexy but need another person male or female to heighten it.

Anonymous Cuck

2013-07-31 07:19:13I love that big black cock, and all that delicious cum.

3 inch blonde

2013-07-26 10:00:32I clean out the come from my wife's bbc all the time. I love it. She has me in a cuckold device 24 seven. I used to be six inches but the last time she took it off and measured it was down to 3 inches. Oh well. it's not like I'm allowed to use it anyway.


2013-07-23 17:10:47Habe vor Jahren gesehen wie ein Freund von uns im Mund meiner Freundin kam, sie schluckte alles. Danach haben wir sie zusammen ins gleiche Loch gefickt. Es war genial. Sie hatte es genossen.


2013-07-19 18:11:49at 7:28 id go behind her push her forward and do her in the ass while the black guy licks my ass hole then id cum in his fkin mouth after sitting on his cock while she sucks me off


2013-07-12 20:10:19I would walk up to them make him rim me get his tongue right up my ass then fuck her in the ass for a bit then him until i cum in him then make her lick it out and spit it in his face yyyyeeeaaah!!!!!

cuckold them muthaz

2013-07-01 09:08:17fuck that id make him rim me then fuck her in the ass then him creaming his arsehole and making her eat his arse hole and licking up my cum while i fuck his mouth to clean my cock


2013-06-17 19:10:50so fucking good i love eating a full pussy


2013-06-05 15:06:18Lousy acting!!!! Fake cum!!!


2013-04-21 00:53:20Want BBC to fuck the hell out of my wife to she passes out




2013-08-27 17:25:36So what's wrong with eating a little cummmm


2013-10-22 16:02:25A bisexual cuckold is a happy cuckold


2013-02-14 14:39:25man this vid suck so fucking bad the acting and dialog geezzzz.


2013-01-02 20:59:33my husband loves to lick me clean after getting fucked & filled with cum from other men...i love it and don't think he's a wimp at all...comon ladies you all know you'd love to have a husband like i got!!


2012-12-07 23:49:42lucky guy ,i wish i could find a woman that would do that adds flavor and would make me hornier for her


2012-11-09 07:31:51what's her name?


2012-10-14 18:23:25Nice work.


2012-10-11 13:41:57fantastis

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